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A Story under construction..

All you can do is make plans and work better . And if it doesn't work make another plan and work on that. Work in silence . Let your hard work speaks, but in case if it doesn't speak .. come in crowd and never pretend like you did a lot of hard work. Pretend like you've done nothing and it doesn't bother you. You wanna know why? Because nobody cares about your hard work until you are successful. So if people are asking about your hard work even when you couldn't make it, then they are probably doing it to make your fun. Nobody takes inspiration from a failure and you only become a looser when you admit it when you let people know that you are.

Ex. You tell somebody you worked so hard for  something you worked day and night.

 There are 97% chances what they gonna listen is -:
" i am telling you that i work for day and night but in reality i didn't i am just saying it to gain your sympathy bcz i want everyone to think that i was a tough competitor ."


When BRAIN talks .

since so many years i was a prisoner of others. I used to worry a lot about people's perspective even more than mine. In this race to match their requirements i forgot who i was . what my class mates said what my neighbours said what my neighbour's friend said about me it all hurted me a lot . I was sad i was broken. Everything left me unsatisfied..
Then as i grew up i thought  why ? Why is it that i can't make everyone happy 
Then one day my brain replied.. dear heart..

..." Its been a long since i am watching your drama i wish i could slap you hard and teach you what to do. But i can't left this place as i have more important work to do for this body.

Dear heart you also have so many important works but sadly you like focusing on rubbish more than that. Now listen. 7 billion people on earth have 100 billion choices and perspectives and you beats for a person who can't even wake up without an alarm clock.

A person who even don't wanna socialize often. A person…

#Thought of the day#

This thought is dedicated to a teacher who was scolding a girl very badly for not having knowledge about some topic. He insulted her in front of the whole department of that subject. So this incident just gave me a thought that, who gave them right to insult somebody you are there to spread knowledge government is paying you to help students not for insulting them. Words like" who gave you the admission in this college you don't deserve this" are so rude and mean. If you have knowledge about that thing you can share it politely with other people not everybody is a master in everything. i felt so bad about that girl and thanked to the god at the same time that it wasn't me. I would've died of shame and insult. You can only understand situation when you relate yourself with that. And i did that and felt so helpless. I wanted to tell that teacher that "we are quite because we respect your position but we do not respect the person you are in real. We respect th…

Thought of the day🙂

Sometimes you'll have to stay quiet to see who cares enough about your silence.

Differentiate different differences!

If you know that you are different than others, than you need to create a difference.. because only then your "different" will make a difference. Until then, you have no differences you are just like others. ✌

#JustAThought !

Just a thought

Whenever you feel like walking on the right track something happens and you lost your way or hope or you feel distracted! ever happened to you? I am sure a lot of you people have been walked through this all and many are still walking through this. I don't know about others but this is a very simple equation of my life. Whenever i feel like everything is perfect some kind of speed breaker comes and distracts the flow of my life. It's already very slow and the distraction makes it worse !! 
Different situations like something wrong happened in your family or with your friends or around you which distracts you !! makes you forget everything including your aim and targets . You just suddenly starts trying to set things up and make the situations better ... But because of all these you completely forgets about your aim. Even if you remember you feel helpless because there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to handle it all with Patience. some handle it very well and so…

कुछ यूँ सितारों से कर लो दोस्ती , की उनके टूटने का डर रहे...

कुछ यूँ ज़िन्दगी को जिया करें की,
पीछे रहने का ग़म न हो,ना ही आगे बढ़ने का रौब रहे।
न उजालों से चमकें आँखें,ना ही अंधेरो का खौफ रहे।

कुछ यूँ सितारों से कर लो दोस्ती ,
की उनके टूटने  का डर रहे।

कुछ यूँ आलिशान सजाओ अपना की,
बंगला नहीं वो घर रहे।

चाल में इतना लाओ ठहराव की, अपनो के साये संग रहें ,
फिर मुकाम रहे या न रहे पर, अपने अपनों से ढंग रहें।

दौलत से ऊपर जाके कुछ,सिक्के खुशियों के जोड़ रखें ,
की हँसियाँ जब जब घटती जाएं ,सिक्के खुशियों के खनक भरें।

जो मिले सफर में आते जाते ,संग खुशियो के रंग भरें,
बरसातों में भीग भी जाएं,जो रंग बहें तो संग बहें।

हर आलम से आगे बढ़ कर, एक पैमाना रिश्तों  का हो।
जहाँ थोक दाम में बेंचे हँसियाँ ,किस्सा न किश्तों का हो।

खुशियों के इस मोल भाव में , आंसू का भी हिस्सा हो।
ऊंचे नीचे की बातों से हटकर , साथ हमारा-उसका हो।

जो आँख कभी गर भर आए तो ,
दिल उसका भी तर रहे।
कुछ यूँ सितारों से कर लेना दोस्ती के,
उनके टूटने का डर रहे।


Okay now this one is so confusing!  I am like so confused about how to start this topic.  But you know what this is one of the most interesting subject among all.  You know after so many endless debates there are still no believable results for this topic.  We don't have any proofs to either prove this existence right or to deny it.  So the topic is does ghost exist?  So,  still whenever this topic starts,  with a cup of tea and in a group of friends it lighten up  the whole day.  At least mine. I always found this topic so interesting.  Maybe few don't. But i do. 
Actually i thought to write this topic because within few months i have watched quiet a few videos and cctv footages of some ghosts walking around. Some  of them are clearly fake and some are even tested by authorities they proof that no editing has ever been done in those  cctv footages . But you know human tendency of DOUBT.  I never trusted them. But these videos and these pictures what they actually did is, noth…

Hey!! Did you hear that??

Hello 21st century people!! How are you doing? How's your life going? How was your day?  Did you judge anyone? Hello?  Did you judge anyone?? 
Yes don't be surprised! I am really asking it to you. Did you judge anyone today or not? 

Because this is what we so called  21st century people do.  This is how we kill our time.  Gossiping about some other. And yes gossiping is not only girls business.  Coz I've seen a lot of man doing this in their free time.  We all gossip right?  
Somehow, somewhere here and there we gossip. 

Look at that girl with blue bag,  or that guy with grey shirt.  Look at that aunty who's trying to play so cool.  Stop stop!! Look at that kid..  And this is how the normal gossiping begins with.  Gossiping is good for health until,  unless it doesn't start summarizing someone's character and their life.  But unfortunately we do.  This is our society and our society teaching us this from our childhood. Remember that gossip between your mom and…

Do you remember YOURSELF?

Okay so now this is something serious. Remember the first time when you used makeup and it made you feel pretty for the first time like that? Then you apply it after few weeks then after few days and probably now you are doing it daily? First time you did this because you found yourself more beautiful  than the person you were before. 
But now you are doing this because the person you were before is now ugly for you. See the difference?  Now you can't even imagine yourself without makeup. You stays in makeup all day. It gives you confidence..  Which  is fine.  but when you don't use makeup it makes you feel so down and ugly and it kills your self confidence? If yes!  then it's time to change yourself.  Change yourself from this person to the natural one, that you were before. 
 Because are definitely not going to love, someone totally different than you,  from the rest of your life,  right? All you want is to love yourself to feel good about yourself and you want to be l…

Story of a suicide .

Story Of A Suicide 

A good book is consist of that quality which tends us to hold it till the end. When i first heard about this book , i thought this going to be the another complicated book . But as i read the first story i couldn't stop my self reading it more.  * The story i loved the most * It was the 
Chapter -one* Because the first story was the reason i kept reading this book. When i read this story i was like damn!! This is me. Sentence are so expressive that i couldn't resist my self reading this. At the end of this story tears were in my eyes. And i think not only me but everyone can easily relate this story with their life. Depression is a state which comes in everyone's life it is just that some people do not understand this. Now the question is . 1.How do i cope with a relationship breakup ?
First thing that we need to understand is nothing is more important than the life . And secind thing is Life is all about learning with mistakes. People come and go. Only true p…

"Meenu "

Meenu a ten year old girl, lives in a slum area. She is a normal fun loving girl like any other child of her age.  Ten years back when she was born, instead of celebrating that day, her grandmother even refused to take her home. She couldn't believe that she just had a grandchildren as a daughter. 

Meenu's father even fought with doctors that she is not their child. Somebody has replaced their baby boy with this baby girl. But nothing happened. As all the proofs were there. They tried a lot to get rid of meenu ,but after her mother's promise that meenu will never bother them and she will help her in house work they agreed to take her home as a future house maid.   Have you ever thought that how painful it can be to know that you are an unwanted child of your parents! Meenu is living daily with this pain. And even more painful is to know that your own parents tried a lot to kill you. But only god saved you. Now after 10 years meenu is living as a house maid. But she never …


People aren't that bad. sometimes it's us who overreact. Sometimes it's us who over think. Sometimes it's us who messes up thing . Some times it's our behaviour who signal something opposite to others. Sometimes it's our let it go behaviour which hurts other. Sometimes it's our hold it on behaviour which never let our scars heal. Sometimes the smartness is to forgive others . sometimes the best for life is to know your mistake. Sometimes the best for you is to stop blaming yourself all the time. Take credits and sometimes give credits to other. No matter if it is for a bad cause or good. Life is all about sharing caring and living. Sometimes jut Let it flow to the direction it takes. Remember "Sometimes"....

Who gave you the right to judge ?

Who doesn't want to feel good about themself . But in the constant struggle between your heart and other people's voice, your heart always loses.  So many different people and different personalities. People admit the fact that, everybody has different perspective but when it comes to obey this fact they close their eyes . People who impose their decisions on others are the most happiest personalities on earth. Because the rest of the people who try to keep everyone happy, always gets hurt by such personalities. 
Nobody sees the struggle, the patience it takes to start Loving yourself. If you never felt bad about this thing, then probably you are the one who is creating this situation for others.  It takes our whole life to know a person very well. But see how funny it is that people in short period of time don't spare a chance to judge you.Who gave you the right to judge someone?  You don't have any right to insult somebody constantly about how they react what they think an…

A Journey too long

Molten nights,setting sights.Scattered dreams,throughout the light.
Long talks,small walks. Broken dreams,made up of rocks .
Blowing winds and known scent,Languorous promises and slack intent.False belief and those theories to be wrong All alone , just memories along.From there to here it's a journey too long.Sore feet,rough palms,That constant struggle,to stay calm.First meet with those two eyes.That's where the heaven lies.First meet that first thought,That first song, together they wrote.Fall, recoup walks along.Together this made him so strong.From alone to along, it's a journey too long.Those small Fights, meanings of life.Together they decide to catch the hype.It's a life they create, for their own.From nothing to everything, it's a journey too long.From words, to line, to making it a song.It's hard to believe but a journey too long .

Heights to catch the heights

HEIGHTS TO CATCH THE HEIGHTSIt is very important to have a good personality . Millions of people live here, they all wants to achieve high goals, but for that one should have some special characters that can make them look different from the crowd. Height is everything in such cases. Height is the first step in creating a good personality . it makes you look different from others.                               But in today's busy life we are taking very less amount of nutrition, which restrict the height growth. lack of sleep. pressure of studies are obstacles. for that we need an alternative that can provide us all those missing nutrients or growth.            Milk in morning is very usual, we often says that drinking milk is a complete nutrition, but not now. pasteurization also kills many of useful vitamins. so to increase the energy of milk the best alternative since years is HORLICKS .                                   Since many years…

Thoughtful stuff #1

nobody knows what went wrong in her life. That she stopped talking to everyone . But the truth was that the maturity taught her to choose priorities in life. Because in the end of the life, nobody is going to stay with you but only few who were your priority since forever. ✌

Ons sentence Diary 👼#2⃣

People constantly tries to pull you down, because you are above than them .

Something about ME .

I fight to fight not to create A FIGHT.
I write to write not to be always RIGHT.

I laugh to relax not to Make fun of SOMEBODY.
when i admire the beauty i don't consider the BODY.

I act to act, i don't REACT.
If i hurt you mistakenly, no that's not my TIT FOR TAT.

I step up to grow, but i don't forget ANYTHING.
If i said i move on, yes I'VE MOVED ON with that THING.

If i said i don't care , that's a part of my ANGER.
That lasts for a while, never too LONGER.

Try to catch feelings, not the WORDS.
Because feel is everything that creates the world.

Try to see inside of my heart, my acts aren't for judgement.
Because everything else is temporary but, feeling remains constant. 💫

#One sentence diary

Don't you dare to pull me down,
Darling.. i have "survived".

Finding Reasons

We can only see the sky much clearer when tear washes our eyes not the water. We can feel our fly only when we fall several times.We admire the smoothness of a flower only after playing with stones .We learn the value of respect, when we goes through obscenity .That one scar reminds us our mistakes for life time.That one loss.. teaches us to value things.We walk daily for no reason but, that one walk in rain gives us thousands of reasons to walk.We don't like when it rains suddenly, but we understand it's value only after drought .You don't know the value of one ring until somebody special comes in your life and gift it to you.We don't know the value of sun, but a long dark night teaches us that.We hate noise, but after a long silent night there is nothing better than the voice of birds playing here and there on trees.The word relief wouldn't ever made, if the pain isn't there.Similarly little negativity is never too bad. In fact it teaches us the value of posi…

Anger 💔

He pounded her head on wall, This made a stark of crime there.He walked out to the foliage,and his sin started strangling him. He tried to thudding himself,that anywork in favour of her can cause him life time jail. As she has knew everything now. So he dropped the idea to get a first-aid kit.This all moved to fast in his mind like a metro rail but his body is more like a mannequin. A swirl of thoughts arise. He tried to smirk, as nothing is wrong there according to him." I don't care if she stays alive . But more than that i want her to die. She is not going to spare me for this, there are plenty of reasons i can give to the cop. It was just an accident. F**k with first-aid box let's have some wine. Where is it? Ohhoo Sarah surely will know that!!Ahh no no i just smashed her head on the wall. She wIll not answer she must be in deep sleep. I should better find it for myself ." He had walked only for some distance though. He is trying to concentrate on random thoughts…

The fault in her star 🌠

Note:- story is sensitive Sahiba an eighteen year old girl. She isn't allowed to use technologies and stuffs. As according to her dad she is a girl and she belongs to somebody else (her future husband) and they are keeping her as a fidelity of her husband. It is their duty to keep her secure and untouched. Secure in the sense they don't even want her to go outside in garden. She is only allowed to go to school because his father says no man wants to marry an uneducated girl. This is the only reason why Sahiba is allowed to go to school. But other then that. She can not make friends, she can't go for hangouts. she just comes from school daily and then she gets busy in all the work of home. Like cooking,cleaning . Then as soon as her dad arrives at home she hides her self in the last room of the house. So she can save her self from those dispiriting conversation with dad. You must be missing her mother in this story. Yes she also lives there in the house with them, but she i…