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कही अनकही

ज़रूरी नहीं की ज़िन्दगी हमेशा वैसे ही चले जैसे  हम सोचते हैं,और यही ज़िन्दगी  है. हर पल एक नए रोमांच से भरी. आप नहीं जानते की आगे क्या होगा, शायद आपको एक पल में वो परियों की दुनिआ मिल जाए और शायद एक पल में सब कुछ बदल जाए. यहाँ से वहां तक फर्क बस नज़रिये का है. एक बेहतर नजरिया एक बेहतर कल को जन्म देगा। खुद पर विश्वास रखिये ऊपर वाले के बाद, क्यूंकि यही दो लोग हैं जो अंत तक आप का साथ निभाएंगे। जिनमे से एक, आप खुद हैं।  खुद को ढूंढ लो शायद कहीं भटक से गए हो, मुश्किल है पर नामुमकिन नहीं।

सफरनामा नया एक बनाने दो मुझे..

हर रोज़ तो नहीं लगते इन अरमानो को पंख,
लगें हैं आज तो उड़ जाने  दो इन्हे।
हर रोज़ नहीं दहकते , शोले ख्यालों के,
जो दहकें हैं आज तो, दहक़ जाने दो इन्हे।
                                       ये शमा उम्मीदों की रोज़ नहीं धधकती,
                                        जो धधकी है आज तो, शाम रोशन कर जाने दो इन्हे .
                                        रोज़ नहीं आते परवाने, लेकर अपनी दास्ताँ,
                                        जो आएं हैं आज तो, कहानी कह जाने दो इन्हें।
यूँ तो मंसूबे मेरे सदा से ही  नेक हैं,
पर बहकें हैं आज तो, बहक  जाने दो इन्हे।
सदा ही  शर्म का नकाब रहा है चहरे पर,
शर्म से बेशर्मी तक गिर जाने  दो, इन्हें।
                                                 छोटी सी ज़िन्दगी है, और दो पल का है चैन नहीं,
                                                  आज चैन से बेचैनी को ठग लेने दो मुझे।
                                                  राह दो पल को भटक भी जाएं तो, कौन ताके ये रहगुज़र हे!
                                                   इन दिलफेंक गलियारों में, भटक जाने दो…

A Mother's heart

One day she saw a street dog starving .. she gave him all her food and water, And that's when she felt a heart of a mother beating inside her.

#Experience speaks 1

Long Waiting affects not much but, teaches you the value of that thing and build patience in you to reach there with love.

#Experience speaks II

Sometimes my brain becomes an ocean of feelings that it can even bring tsunami, but then some kind of barrier of experience stops it every time.

#Experience speaks III

I sat on the last bench that day.. and that's when i saw the unity in diversity.


Sometimes it takes a whole life to know a person .. And sometimes just a moment, and their masks falls off

Start valuing

People takes their whole life to value those small things ... but they forget that everything has a limited life. So value it before you lose it.Start valuing it today so that, you don't regret tomorrow..!


And the truth is that.. History remembers the battle.. but forgets the blood.

When you put the Greed aside.

"Sometimes its not about earnings and achievements. Sometimes it's about people and their feelings.. And at such time earnings are those pretty smiles and achievements are those ,satisfied and carefree faces, and at that point of time.. you become, probably the most successful person in the world. Always keep these words in mind and Have faith in yourself after god."
:Ritu ;)

Because somebody is still Unaware..

I told her to change her attitude towards people.. I told her to be polite when she explain things. Not because i wanted to change her or something but just because i know how it feels when someone use harsh words for us. She acted like she had listened everything..
                                                          Then we met next day i smiled to her and she moved on to somewhere else without even responding.I saw her next to next day and tried to talk to her but she was in hurry and she almost ignored me .. And then i regret about that day.. "Damn ! Why i told her those things."
                                              And then after about 4 to 5 days, as i entered in the class room i saw her               sitting alone ..there were almost 50 people in that class room and she was all alone in crowd she saw me, but she didn't talk to me .. Her ego restricted her again.
I tried to talk to her but i don't know why this time something stopped me..
  When …

life and the row

life won't always give you seat in the front row.. Sometimes you have to adjust with the last one..and that's life :)

spread love because....

spread love .. Not to show humanity or something but because.. People who are today with you, are not gonna live with you forever. So spread love .


She was a tough lady until.. she met him.
That moment when you write blogs back to back, and then you realize that nobody gives a damn about them!

Before you judge anyone..

Judge everyone it's not bad to judge someone.. you can judge everyone..  but before doing that, you need to qualify an exam called "I Am God And I Can Judge Anyone" . And if you know that you are not god please don't judge anyone.. And if you think that you are god.. then you must first visit to a mental hospital then proceed further ;)

When you feel relaxed ..

The moment when you are relaxed about everything.. is probably the moment when something upheaval is being ready for future .. So be aware everytime you feel relaxed .

A Difference Between..

They compete each other to win and She is in a competition with her self  and this is a huge difference between !

Just a smile :)

My smile may not make them happy..But at least it can spread positivity around,And it's much better to be positive than being negative all the time! then why don't you try it ;)

ख़ुशी ..

सारी दुनिया तो नहीं खरीद सकी वो उन चंद पैसो से ,पर किसी की दुनिया को बेहतर बना गयी। 

An endeavour ..

                                            <3Heal The World<3

The daily scuffling and grappling of life.. you understand these words when you rush into the market. At first it seems like a normal day, but as soon as you start discovering things you see that there exist a big world behind those pretty faces, behind those innocent smiles.. behind those unfazed laughs. You may found this blog little confusing at first but trust me at the end of this blog everything will be crystal clear in your mind.. so hold your breath and turn back and look again to those faces you found on road,which you never noticed before. I found kind of ululating world behind those smiling innocent and mysterious faces.                       It left me unconscious for a minute when i saw a kid that should be a stubborn and recalcitrant child to buy an aeroplane for him was full of zeal to sell those five rupee chips packet so that he could make some money for food.But this is quite interesting that people wh…


A women is so strong that no one can ever defeat her.. except a women !