An endeavour ..

                                             <3Heal The World<3

The daily scuffling and grappling of life.. you understand these words when you rush into the market. At first it seems like a normal day, but as soon as you start discovering things you see that there exist a big world behind those pretty faces, behind those innocent smiles.. behind those unfazed laughs.
You may found this blog little confusing at first but trust me at the end of this blog everything will be crystal clear in your mind.. so hold your breath and turn back and look again to those faces you found on road,which you never noticed before. I found kind of ululating world behind those smiling innocent and mysterious faces.
                      It left me unconscious for a minute when i saw a kid that should be a stubborn and recalcitrant child to buy an aeroplane for him was full of zeal to sell those five rupee chips packet so that he could make some money for food.But this is quite interesting that people who are poor from money are king from their hearts.. 
                                            We don't need to show our sympathy with them.. But all we need to do become a good person so that we can make a better world them..and  for us..
                                                                 We need to respect everyone .. !Especially when we respect god we respect everything that is made by him it's natural we don't learn this feeling from anywhere.. and we can not.
That lack of love from society is making them go harsh and cruel .. and forcing them to stand against the society.
Because the only memory they have with their society is, that jostle given by all those rich and middle class society people when they asked them to buy a five rupee chips packet or five rupee flower!
This is all what they have, to remember.So at least give them a reason to smile.. help them getting up when someone else is busy in jostling them. Nobody has any guarantee about their future you are here today.. so you might be there tomorrow .. so at least create  a world which you want to create for you and your family try creating it for others too so that they create it for everyone else . And this is how we can make this world a better place for our children and our children's children .
make it a better place ..
  And this is an Endeavour from my side.. spread this to all over the world.. take an initiative .. and this time for them ... <3


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