Because somebody is still Unaware..

I told her to change her attitude towards people.. I told her to be polite when she explain things. Not because i wanted to change her or something but just because i know how it feels when someone use harsh words for us. She acted like she had listened everything..
                                                          Then we met next day i smiled to her and she moved on to somewhere else without even responding.I saw her next to next day and tried to talk to her but she was in hurry and she almost ignored me .. And then i regret about that day.. "Damn ! Why i told her those things."
                                              And then after about 4 to 5 days, as i entered in the class room i saw her               sitting alone ..there were almost 50 people in that class room and she was all alone in crowd she saw me, but she didn't talk to me .. Her ego restricted her again.
                         I tried to talk to her but i don't know why this time something stopped me..
  When i saw her i remember those days when,
She used to complain about people who don't like her.. And how She used to get amazed whenever people reply her rudely, And she always used ask me,why she is the most hated person out there.
And i used to spend hours to lighten up her mood.
                   And now i know the reason why she is alone in crowd.. I got tears in my eyes for a minute ..
                but this time there is no chance to regret.. i don't regret of anything , i wasn't wrong i even never tell her to change.. but just the way she talk.My mistake was only that i told her to be polite when she explain things to someone .. as everybody has a self respect and you can not hurt somebody like this.
   It was so hard to do that but this time i.. I moved my eyes up, and made my way through the crowd.. to my seat,just behind her. Although she was sitting alone at her seat, but i didn't even looked at her this time, as i realized that my way no more belongs to her..
                                Then everybody just came to me and started talking to me, and i was almost lost in so many things happening together.. after few minutes i looked at her, and she was still staring at me.. she was still alone and frustrated but, still unaware that why all this happening to her. 


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