Because that wasn't worth of me.

"you win the prize congrats girl" i said.
"thanks but the true credit goes to my dad.. who helped me in making this speech." she said.
And then this remind me of that day before competition when my dad told me to do this alone.. he taught me to be fair in my life whether it is a big opportunity or not. I remember how he spent his hours to teaching me value of that prize.. i don't remember that how many sleepless nights i spent..all thinking about that prize , which is not mine now.
"So how are you feeling now?" i asked.
"ya i am happy." she replied.
omg she is just happy?? i would have died of happiness ! aahh!! why this happens with me always. she wasn't even deserving, she could never feel that worship i did for that prize. That hard work, that thirst of making my dad proud. and she said , she is just happy! she has even no value of that trophy. I thought so much within few seconds .. May be she was so mature so that she did not react in the way i would have done.
"ohh good well congratulations again, you are lucky." i said
"hmm yea! thanks " she replied.
                                 And as i turned behind she shout papa! papa ! let's go home."
ohh so this is that person, her dad .. i turned my face from him again. but wait!! what?? did i just see her dad talking to the jury!!! damn!! so this is why she is the winner of this competition. 
then i took a deep breath, as nothing can be done now. but i remember my dad's words .. to be loyal to be honest . One thing that i learned in the end of this award ceremony that, this competition wasn't worth me. Yes! i repeat my words with full sureness that it wasn't of worth me. 
i hold my second prize trophy, and left the function right there .


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