T 20 world cup 2016(a chance to win hearts)

Finally india made its place in semifinals.. i remember when the last time india was knocked out from finals, a strong player like dhoni was even crying. Sometimes we cry not because we are out of the contest or something but those faces which have expectations with us and our hard work towards our aim made us cry. We cry because we have issues with our self, we are angry with nobody but with our self that we broke their expectations. But the life is all about winning and losing. life gives a second chance to every person. And this is the second chance which india has now .
                                                                  Games are something that create unity among all. We learn together, we lose together, we laugh together, we celebrate together, and that's the best quality of games above all .
                                         Every team has equal rights to win .. it's only about some luck some prayers and lots of hard work. i want my team to win but i equally support every team because everybody has done same hard work. All we need to remember during this world cup that whoever wins , we won't regret. we won't let over confidence to compass us. we will sympathize if we win and we will celebrate with everyone including our opposition if we lose. we won't tell a harsh word to our opposition team, lets initiate together that we will make this gentleman game a true gentleman game.
                                                         All the best to all the teams who succeed to make their places in quarter final. #AllTheBestIndia #HappyCricketToAll #T20WorldCup 2016


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