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अभी समय है मांग लो माफ़ी।

जो धर्म  की मला जापेंगे और धर्म के नाम से कांपेंगे,
वे बुज़दिल, झूठे, धर्म के प्रेमी, स्त्री का दर्द क्या भापेंगे।
बस झूठे बोल अलापेंगे,झूठे पैमाने आंकेगे।
                                      यह विकट  दृश्य है  देखो केसा ,
                                      की मन में ज्वाला सी लगती है।
                                      दुर्गा को पूजे घर घर में ,
                                      और अर्थी कन्या की जलती है।
कोई जन्म लेते ही  सांस रोक दे,
तो कोई उम्र भर, कैद कर रखता है।
अन्याय करे संग  जीवन भर,
पर,काली के प्रकोप से डरता है।
                                       मुंह पर बोल हैं कितने मीठे ,
                                       मन में लेकिन बस मैल है।
                                      ये देख दिखावा है दुनिआ का,
                                      ये  जुमले वादे खेल हैं।

     मेरे इस देश की धरती का,
     बस इतना लेखा जोखा है।
     की स्त्री के त्याग और प्रेम को इसने,
    सदा कमज़ोरी मान ही देखा है।
                                   ये भीड़ ही  इतनी बेगैरत है ,

#Lets get foodie : Salad recipe

Famous Greek Salad
Ingredients Nutrition

Servings 6-8  Units US 

1  cup olive oil (can reduce to 3/4 cup)
1  extra large lemon, juice of (can use 2 lemons ( make certain that the lemon is at room temperature before squeezing)
2 -4  teaspoons dried oregano (start with 2 teaspoons)
3  teaspoons fresh minced garlic (about 2 medium cloves)
1  teaspoon dried basil
2  tablespoons red wine vinegar
1⁄2 teaspoon salt (or to taste)
1  teaspoon sugar
1⁄2 teaspoon fresh ground black pepper (or to taste)
1  large romaine lettuce, chopped (or use 2 small)
2 -3  plum tomatoes, cut in wedges (use Roma tomatoes)
1  English cucumber (peeled, seeded and chopped)
1  red onion, cut in slices
1  green bell pepper (seeded and cut into rings or sliced) (optional)
1⁄2 lb feta cheese, crumbled (or to taste)
1  cup kalamata olive

***Direction ***

If desired allow the salad to sit at room temperature for 20 minutes before serving, or you can refrigerate for 1 hour (tossing a few tim…

Let's Get foodie .. : Chilled Cantaloupe Soup

let's get foodie this summer .. taking my blog to the next level by adding food corner in it. easy and tasty recipes that will make you go wow! Let's give my blog a start with recipe of soup. soups are something i love in every season . whenever i am bored of eating i go for soups and that makes my day . Let's start with..

                              Chilled Cantaloupe Soup            
Serves4Hands-On Time10 minTotal Time10 min
INGREDIENTS1 large chilled cantaloupe, seeded and cut into 1-inch chunks1/3cup orange juice4 lime wedges.
DIRECTIONSPlace the cantaloupe in a blender, add the orange juice, and puree until well blended.Divide the soup evenly among 4 bowls. Squeeze the limes over the soup. Serve chilled.

#FoodBlog: vegetarian korma

Ingredients :                                                    55m1 1/2 tablespoons vegetable oil1 small onion, diced1 teaspoon minced fresh ginger root4 cloves garlic, minced2 potatoes, cubed4 carrots, cubed1 fresh jalapeno pepper, seeded and sliced

Don't fall for Hollow dreams

Whenever you see a successful man.. All you see is his position not the struggle behind it. You don't see those difficulties that came between. And you decide to be like him by just seeing their position. But remember this is a hollow dream of success. Because you decide to be there by seeing the position not the struggle. So next time when you decide to be a successful person make sure that you have all the idea about the struggle behind that. And after knowing all the struggle if still your mind allows you to reach there .. Go on you are at the right place. You are meant to be there. Keep going and keep searching for your talent:)

How to migrate from Bloggers to WordPress for free?

How to migrate from Bloggers to WordPress for free? Usually people start their blogging career with BlogSpot because this is the best platform to start with zero investment when you are new in this business. Once you get use to it, you can easily migrate to any another popular platform like WordPress and many more. This platform gives much more freedom to writer to write in numerous innovative ways. On the other hand it is also a self hosted platform for bloggers to start. Further, there are various other advantages with WordPress like its customization, SEO and most importantly is freedom of do anything you want.

It is not that blogger is not good platform but it’s the matter of making growth in your blogging career by having a full control on your blog and that will only be possible with your own self hosted platform of WordPress.  Everyone usually thinks that migrating from blogger to WordPress is a real headache and it will destroy their previously acquired ranking, traffic and data,…

#MyQuoteGallery: Artist

Artists are great.Why?? Because this universe is a creation of an artist. He creates it he can destroy it in seconds.


New opportunities come to us only when they see our devotion towards our work. True devotion is the key of success.

Top 5 celebrities who were once homeless !!

We all dream of success.. we all work for it daily. we work day and night for it.. and sometimes we loose our hope. But now i am gonna show you some bright examples that will make you go wow! these examples will surely help you overcome if you are in any kind of depression.
                                                          At least we have our home sweet home where we can sleep,cry and make plans but today, i am gonna introduce you to those five top chart celebrities who were once homeless ! for decades actors, musicians and personalities have struggled to make it big and many suffered without wasting any time .. here we go..
Number 5:- Daniel Craig**Daniel craig once was so poor that he slept on benches as struggling actor in london. Daniel Craig seemingly spent as much as time sleeping in hyde park as he did reading audition in rooms. Nowadays after four bond movies..craig pemmiless days are behind him.
Number 4:-Halle berry**

american woman to win the oscar for best ac…

inspirational quote

I can't change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.

Motivational poem

लहरों से डरकर नौका पार नहीं होती,
कोशिश करने वालों की कभी हार नहीं होती ।

नन्हीं चींटीं, जब दाना लेकर चलती है, चढ़ती दीवारों पर, सौ बार फिसलती है ।

मन का विश्वास, रंगो में साहस भरता है, चढ़कर गिरना, गिरकर चढ़ना, कभी ना अखरता है ।

आखिर उसकी मेहनत बेकार नहीं होती, कोशिश करने वालों की, कभी हार नहीं होती ।

असफलता एक चुनौती है, स्वीकार करो, क्या कमी रह गयी, देखो और सुधार करो ।

जब सफल न हो, नींद चैन को त्यागो तुम, संघर्षो का मैदान छोड़, कभी मत भागो तुम,
कुछ किये बिना ही, जय-जयकार नहीं होती, कोशिश करने वालों की, कभी हार नही होती ।

~हरिवंश राय बच्चन की पंक्तियाँ

#Poem:- Stand up And Fight

You wake up,you fight
You're dull,you're bright.
Ground and heights..
You speak you quiet.
It's a race and it's your life.
                      you imagine,you wonder
                      you faint you thunder
                      you try to fight,
                      you bring a blunder .
You're sad,you're broken,
And The more you smile,
the more it's deepen.
                            They see you smile,
                            but never predict.
                            the sadness of you
                            has never verdict.
But you're strong enough,
To hit the ground.
Only you know this,
Not the crowd.
                            you decide to stand up
                             you decide to fight.
                             you work in day,
                             you work in night.
You again wake up,you again fight
But this time it's not dull,
But just bright.
This time you speak.
You're not quiet.
And now you're the leader,
Of t…

#Poem:-Hope and the life

When you have a passion to write,
You don't see if its day or night.
Whatever you think, becomes right,
And that's when you reach the heights.
                  They called you wrong and try to let you down,
                  And you got upset,like something has never been found.
 You cry for hours ,looking for a hope,
 but it is so difficult as you see no scope.
                    You stare at walls for hours,
                     You search for invisible powers.
  You pick up your pen paper and write.
   and then you see the sky a little bright.
                          you tell your sorrows to that paper,
                       And paper hold you and you feel better.
you fight,you cry you feel strong,
 and from wrong to's  a journey too long.
                       As you describe your pain you feel nice,
                       like a red sun suddenly rise.
You said get up to your own soul,
And decides to achieve new goals.
                      you throw y…