#Poem:-Hope and the life

When you have a passion to write,
You don't see if its day or night.
Whatever you think, becomes right,
And that's when you reach the heights.
                  They called you wrong and try to let you down,
                  And you got upset,like something has never been found.
 You cry for hours ,looking for a hope,
 but it is so difficult as you see no scope.
                    You stare at walls for hours,
                     You search for invisible powers.
  You pick up your pen paper and write.
   and then you see the sky a little bright.
                          you tell your sorrows to that paper,
                       And paper hold you and you feel better.
you fight,you cry you feel strong,
 and from wrong to right.it's  a journey too long.
                       As you describe your pain you feel nice,
                       like a red sun suddenly rise.
You said get up to your own soul,
And decides to achieve new goals.
                      you throw your pain and wipe your tears,
                     and that's when you overcame with all your fears,
                      your mind says let's cheers!
                      And decide to take your life in a new gear.
 fight cry but never get so depressed,
 because everything is fine,nothing is too bad
                          hold it , fight back its a way to live life,
                          wait for it, be patient and you will catch new hype.
 you need to know this short theory..
  that life has its own glory.
                          nothing is bigger than your life,
                           respect it, as god's surprise.
               love it as a gift of god,
               Nobody has right to make you sad.
               As this world has only one Lord!


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