#Poem:- Stand up And Fight

You wake up,you fight
You're dull,you're bright.
Ground and heights..
You speak you quiet.
It's a race and it's your life.
                      you imagine,you wonder
                      you faint you thunder
                      you try to fight,
                      you bring a blunder .
You're sad,you're broken,
And The more you smile,
the more it's deepen.
                            They see you smile,
                            but never predict.
                            the sadness of you
                            has never verdict.
But you're strong enough,
To hit the ground.
Only you know this,
Not the crowd.
                            you decide to stand up
                             you decide to fight.
                             you work in day,
                             you work in night.
You again wake up,you again fight
But this time it's not dull,
But just bright.
This time you speak.
You're not quiet.
And now you're the leader,
Of the race of your life.


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