Top 5 celebrities who were once homeless !!

We all dream of success.. we all work for it daily. we work day and night for it.. and sometimes we loose our hope. But now i am gonna show you some bright examples that will make you go wow! these examples will surely help you overcome if you are in any kind of depression.
                                                          At least we have our home sweet home where we can sleep,cry and make plans but today, i am gonna introduce you to those five top chart celebrities who were once homeless ! for decades actors, musicians and personalities have struggled to make it big and many suffered without wasting any time .. here we go..

Number 5:- 

Daniel Craig**

Daniel craig once was so poor that he slept on benches as struggling actor in london. Daniel Craig seemingly spent as much as time sleeping in hyde park as he did reading audition in rooms.
Nowadays after four bond movies..craig pemmiless days are behind him.

Number 4:-

Halle berry**

american woman to win the oscar for best actress, Halle Berry was 21 years old and living in a homeless shelter in new york city.
In spite of her mother's staunch objection, the futur x man and bond girl preserved and eventually landed ger break out role in spike lee's "Jungle Fever".

Number 3:-

Kelly Clarkson**

When the future internationally renowned pop star kelly clarkson's LA apartment caught fire, she had no choice but to live in her car.
What didn't kill her made her stronger and clarkson decided to move back home to her native Texas.Where she auditioned for american idol and became the legendary show's first champion. 

Number 2:-

Jim Carrey**

He may be snickering all the way to the bank now nut when canadian comedian jim careey was a boy.. his life was no laughing matter.At the tender age of 12 careey's father lost his job.
Forcing his family to live out of a VW bus . It took years of prservance but by this mind 90's careey was the biggest comedian in the world.

Number 1:- 

Jennifer Lopez**

She may still be jenny from the block but.. Jennifer Lopez probably doesn't want to go back to her pre stardom says of extreme poverty in the bronx.
When the determinded popstar and actress was 18, she decided to leave her broken family home to pursue her dance career and ended up homeless.she spent almost a year sleeping on a cot in dance studio before catching her break on "In Living Color".


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