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A lesson to learn.

I think so many time to full fill all my dreams and to become what i always wanted to. But whenever i put a step out from my dreams, i see a whole new and opposite side of this world. While we all are busy in fighting for our rights and for our dreams .. While we all are busy in fighting over casts colour and religion i see a whole world live together on side of the roads. They don't argue with each other, they don't fight with each other and neither should you. Because they wake up every morning to fight with their destiny . They are being kicked out from our society. They live in a world where cast, religion and  colour doesn't exist. But all that does exist is poverty and hunger. They are homeless. They search for food whole day they struggle daily to search a shelter for their children. And besides this we all are busy in fighting for really inappropriate things . We are here moving our step towards world war 3.
I woke up today just like the any other morning. To wor…

Be what you are.

There is nothing wrong in being selfish and self-centred . The problem is when, you don't admit this. Be selfish be rude be whatever you  want but at least don't fake your personality and character. Nothing is wrong when you are honest and Everything is wrong when you start faking it.

Yes you can!

You are telling me that a person who scored 99% marks is a role model for everyone. But i think a person who never  top the class and the exams but now is the owner of one of the biggest company of this world is a true role model. A person who can bring upto 99%  marks is seriously amazing and unbeatable but remember not everybody can top the class. Then how those people, who never top the class can make him, their role model? While they know that they can never do so. A role model should be a person, of which story encourage us to do something bigger even if we don't have these extra magical skills. Like learning.
                                  I have seen a lot of people who can not even read a single line without fumbling, who can not even learn a single line in 15 mins or more. Not because they have some mental condition or some disease but simply because they just can't! There is no explanation for that. It is just that not everybody can be perfect at anything. But it…

#BeReal# Still need to learn so much from life.

Good work can only be done by good people. Because they do it naturally without thinking anything and without expecting a thing. When they walk even a mile they find ways to help other. It's in their nature. And you can't change someone's nature. And ordinary people just try to find ways to show off by helping others. When they walk a mile they too help someone but before that, they make sure that people around are watching them. Like a true person can not stop helping people because it is in their blood, similarly an ordinary person can never learn the true meaning of help. They will stop helping some day as they feel exhausted and frustrated and tired by helping others, at some point of time they will stop helping and caring for others, but as for everyone they are a good human being and a helping personality, people will expect some favour from them, they will ask them for help, and as the nature never changes they will deny! And this is how ordinary people ruins their…

Miracles do happen *conditions apply.

I fall, you Laugh. I stand up, you laugh. I learned , you were still laughing. I made my way through all those obstacles, and you were waiting to watch my fall out. When i reached the line, you were wishing for a miracle to drag me back. Yes then a miracle happened that day..but you forgot that, miracle happens only with true people, then i am here and nobody knows where you are now . :)

Let's Talk Love :)

Love ! That unuttered unspoken feeling which gives us wing for the first time. Which makes us feel special for the first time okay now stop stop stop!! We are going too far. Topic is let's talk love, and we can not describe these feelings as love. Why? Because love is never temporary like these feelings are. These wings are not even permanent. Love is endless, its infinite. And if these feelings are even not permanent then how can we called these feelings as love.
Attraction might be a right word. Because love is beyond our imagination. Yes really it is. Love is blind" whoever said this deserves a bow because love really is. But whenever we talk about love we often imagine a girl and a boy and their love story. Love is a word that often everybody uses in their relation like " i really like that guy its a true LOVE"
"i saw her smiling today and fall in LOVE with her". We have changed the true impression and sensibility of this word "LOVE". You k…

Racism , we spread and then we deny .

while we all are trying to raise our voices against the racism,the truth is that we all still judge people by their face and we don't even count that in racism. How?
"He doesn't even look like a brahmin boy. Look at his face." Isn't that racism ?
it's just one example of our low thinking where on one side we talk about stoping racism and on the other side we spread racism. Who we are to judge anyone about their religion or anything else . We are just like any other people or any other god made creature which has its existence because of the god's grace. How can you predict if the colour black is the prettiest colour for god and all those white people around are ugliest and hated type of community for god. Think in that way. It will give you a shock. Guys it's always a sad and depressed feeling when somebody feel ignored and insulted by anyone . Everybody deserves a respect . A respect to live.
let's not talk about the black, but there is racis…

Love yourself ❤

one thing that we should always keep in our mind is nobody in this world has right to let us down. There are many people exist which may or may not are the prettiest. But remember we all are creation of god and nobody has right to call someone ugly. You never know what's pretty in god's language. Having a pretty heart and soul is much better instead. Yes if you are not a good looking person people will always try to discomfort you for that,they will always try to push you back, but this is the right time to prove them wrong and show this world that, good heart people are the prettiest no matter if a beautiful face distract our eyes but a beautiful and kind heart distracts even god's eyes . So love and respect yourself 💕 and always have faith in you after god 🎁 ❤