#BeReal# Still need to learn so much from life.

Good work can only be done by good people. Because they do it naturally without thinking anything and without expecting a thing. When they walk even a mile they find ways to help other. It's in their nature. And you can't change someone's nature. And ordinary people just try to find ways to show off by helping others. When they walk a mile they too help someone but before that, they make sure that people around are watching them. Like a true person can not stop helping people because it is in their blood, similarly an ordinary person can never learn the true meaning of help. They will stop helping some day as they feel exhausted and frustrated and tired by helping others, at some point of time they will stop helping and caring for others, but as for everyone they are a good human being and a helping personality, people will expect some favour from them, they will ask them for help, and as the nature never changes they will deny! And this is how ordinary people ruins their image. Everybody will boycott meetings with them, as nobody wants to be with an ordinary person.
But a true person will be same till his last breathe.
                 This is why i always recommend people to be what they really are. Whether you are a helping personality or a selfish kind of one. Just be real. Because if you are a selfish kind of person, people will never expect anything from you. Neither good nor bad. So they will never hate you for anything . As they know what your nature really is.
             Never try to balance two things together, because if  you do so,you will loose everything one day,Every kind of community, and every type of people.
               And if you are a helping personality, no matter when and how somebody ask you for help. You will do it because its in your nature. And again, because nature never changes. And we should never try to change it though, but still people try, and they fall in the race of life, good and bad both types of people will defeat them for sure. So being real is a first chapter to learn in life.


  1. Loved reading it. truth of life and human nature depicted fantastically through words.

  2. Thank you so much :) your comment made my day! I am happy to see that you are liking my work :)

  3. True words grabbed here.


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