A lesson to learn.

I think so many time to full fill all my dreams and to become what i always wanted to. But whenever i put a step out from my dreams, i see a whole new and opposite side of this world. While we all are busy in fighting for our rights and for our dreams .. While we all are busy in fighting over casts colour and religion i see a whole world live together on side of the roads. They don't argue with each other, they don't fight with each other and neither should you. Because they wake up every morning to fight with their destiny . They are being kicked out from our society. They live in a world where cast, religion and  colour doesn't exist. But all that does exist is poverty and hunger. They are homeless. They search for food whole day they struggle daily to search a shelter for their children. And besides this we all are busy in fighting for really inappropriate things . We are here moving our step towards world war 3.
I woke up today just like the any other morning. To work more and more to reach the goals. But those innocent faces changed my mind they distract me from my dream. They made me realize that how bitter the reality is.
We work for us, for our children and family. Why we never think to work for those who have no blood relation with us but the relation of humanity. Why to think to kill someone else from some other country instead of loving them and moving ahead with holding their hands. Why we never think to learn something from other countries and their people. Why? Even an animal fight for the other animal. They never mind the difference between their places. According to many religions a human body is only given to those who has done something very good in their past births. And what they do now after getting this human body is a matter of their choice.
Where human birth is said to be the most luckiest birth of all .. We all are still lacking of gender equality .We are fighting over colours and religions. Why don't we see the one thing that is common for all. "The human body". We all have same structure inside out . We live on the same materials. We all breath in the same way. But unfortunately we don't see that?
Sometimes i feel ashamed on my self that i always think for my future,never for those who have no hope for their future. Their dark lives and their sad faces make me so uncomfortable. Instead of fighting on cast.. Instead of fighting for muslim,hindu,Christianity why don't we fight for someone's right, someone's happiness,someone's life instead. After all, this is not the final destination if you think, after death there is another world exist where you will have to face the one who literally rules the world. And you'll be punished for all your bad deeds. So Think one more time .. Before you insult someone think again..you might get the same thing in your next birth or in the same birth. Life is full of new things, that includes both bad and good. Anything can be happen with you at anytime. So let's spread the love..let's think for everyone's happiness.. Let's create a reason for them to smile.. Let's create a better world for our children, for their children and for our and their children's children. :)


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