Let's Talk Love :)

Love ! That unuttered unspoken feeling which gives us wing for the first time. Which makes us feel special for the first time okay now stop stop stop!! We are going too far. Topic is let's talk love, and we can not describe these feelings as love. Why? Because love is never temporary like these feelings are. These wings are not even permanent. Love is endless, its infinite. And if these feelings are even not permanent then how can we called these feelings as love.
Attraction might be a right word. Because love is beyond our imagination. Yes really it is. Love is blind" whoever said this deserves a bow because love really is. But whenever we talk about love we often imagine a girl and a boy and their love story. Love is a word that often everybody uses in their relation like " i really like that guy its a true LOVE"
"i saw her smiling today and fall in LOVE with her". We have changed the true impression and sensibility of this word "LOVE". You know what love is? Love is when you know you can never be together but you pray for them daily.
Love is when a dog stopped eating when you are not around .
Love is when an elephant dies with starve when their partner is dead, instead of searching some other.
Love is when a mother donates her kidney to her son or daughter and decides to live her whole life on one kidney, knowing that she might not live long.
Love is when a father comes to home and still smiles for his wife and children while knowing that he doesn't even have enough money to buy food but he stand up and work harder and harder.
Love is when you see your mom and dad has no palms left all they have a rough surface which works for you daily.
Love is when you see a cat died to save her owner.
Love is when you don't left your partner even if they have no money no food no shelter. But you decide to be with them homeless instead of finding someone richer than them.
Love is when you hear god died for us.
Love is when a small size rat comes in front of a lion to save his neighbour's life.
Love is when a baby cries for her mother, when a baby stops crying just by holding her mother's hair in his little hands.
Love is that innocence, when a baby comes to her mom when she is crying and ask her " maa aap kyu ro rahi  ho, ab me pakka shaitani nahi karuga."
incase if you have any doubt about love then just wait in someday of your life you will realize what true love is.
Today's generation needs to understand the difference between love and attraction or affection. Hope this article will help you reaching there. Because we all have at least one person who loves us unconditionally, we just don't see them. Whether it is a human or god.


  1. Good work. But I think, you should read this at least once.:)

    1. Sure! That would be my pleasure deepankar :) and thanks


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