Racism , we spread and then we deny .

while we all are trying to raise our voices against the racism,the truth is that we all still judge people by their face and we don't even count that in racism. How?
"He doesn't even look like a brahmin boy. Look at his face." Isn't that racism ?
it's just one example of our low thinking where on one side we talk about stoping racism and on the other side we spread racism. Who we are to judge anyone about their religion or anything else . We are just like any other people or any other god made creature which has its existence because of the god's grace. How can you predict if the colour black is the prettiest colour for god and all those white people around are ugliest and hated type of community for god. Think in that way. It will give you a shock. Guys it's always a sad and depressed feeling when somebody feel ignored and insulted by anyone . Everybody deserves a respect . A respect to live.
let's not talk about the black, but there is racism for white people too which nobody ever notices and nobody write about that.
i personally feel that racism is leading so many of minds . You can feel it when your mom tells you to not to go out side because you will turn black. I saw so many of mothers that rubs some kind of hard equipment on their children's body. Like a stone . So that their body become white . Isn't that the feeling giving birth to racism ? What you guys are teaching to your children? That black is a ugly colour you need to turn white unless the society will not accept you or love you in the way they love others who are white. Changes takes place from us everything starts with us first. First we need to change our self then the world. Even the lord Krishna was black, but what we all learned with him that because he is a god the colour doesn't matter for him. Because he is a god and he has magical powers. So every black people should have magical powers to get respect in society unless you won't respect them? The older the customs are the more racism they include . Let's respect colours guys . Let's just not talk about colour let's just talk about a good heart a good soul let's just be the change we want to see in this world ...let's just spread love around <3


  1. Nice writeup dearie !!
    But the font is too small for a mobile site. It is impossible to read properly.
    Do check it.

  2. Really!! I never noticed that. It looks ok from my phone . Thanks for telling me i will fix it for sure. :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you so much ^_^ i am so glad to hear that! :)


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