Yes you can!

You are telling me that a person who scored 99% marks is a role model for everyone. But i think a person who never  top the class and the exams but now is the owner of one of the biggest company of this world is a true role model. A person who can bring upto 99%  marks is seriously amazing and unbeatable but remember not everybody can top the class. Then how those people, who never top the class can make him, their role model? While they know that they can never do so. A role model should be a person, of which story encourage us to do something bigger even if we don't have these extra magical skills. Like learning.
                                  I have seen a lot of people who can not even read a single line without fumbling, who can not even learn a single line in 15 mins or more. Not because they have some mental condition or some disease but simply because they just can't! There is no explanation for that. It is just that not everybody can be perfect at anything. But it's simple that it's not their fault if they can't learn and understand things.. But they can perform anything practically.
                                  So They have just different mind, than that topper has. But we know our education system, our school or college teachers give more importance to writing , and learning than understanding things.
               So a person without sharp learning skills can never be a topper of the class this is a fact.
                                        So i gave this example because i wanted to show you guys that not everybody has a topper mind. So a topper too can not be a role model for all. No marks can evaluate our intelligence level though, but sadly we all judge people's intelligence by their marks.
                                                                     But there are so many of examples exist which proved                                                      that, all you need to have is interest in something.
                                               So never be sad if science was your favourite subject but you never      top the subject with 90% marks.Because at last practical knowledge wins the world.
                                                                A person who never top the class with 90+ percent marks, a person who once even failed to pass the 12th class, his company is now the dream project to work in, for 99% mark students. Toppers of the college and schools are now willing to work in his company. That's called a true role model.
#NoOffence     Now if you are somebody  who is or who was the topper , please note that my this article is not against you or something i just simply adore you guys i was too a topper of my class . Not every year but it was an alternate competition  between me  and my topper friend. So i simply appreciate you  all guys. As it takes so much effort and hard work to be a topper . Day and night our sleep food everything.
                  But my this article is dedicated to all those students who are sad that they never get high marks or first rank in their class . Just work where your interest takes you to. If study is your interest but you still don't  get high marks just work on practical knowledge. Other people write it so you make it, invent it and proof it to the world that , no parameters of this world can evaluate someone's brain. Only we have that power to proof.
because You can not. Yes you can.


  1. Again, good work Ritu. :)

  2. Strong, impactful and impressive post. well written.

    1. Thanks a ton. So Glad that you are liking my post ! ^_^


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