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Ons sentence Diary 👼#2⃣

People constantly tries to pull you down, because you are above than them .

Something about ME .

I fight to fight not to create A FIGHT.
I write to write not to be always RIGHT.

I laugh to relax not to Make fun of SOMEBODY.
when i admire the beauty i don't consider the BODY.

I act to act, i don't REACT.
If i hurt you mistakenly, no that's not my TIT FOR TAT.

I step up to grow, but i don't forget ANYTHING.
If i said i move on, yes I'VE MOVED ON with that THING.

If i said i don't care , that's a part of my ANGER.
That lasts for a while, never too LONGER.

Try to catch feelings, not the WORDS.
Because feel is everything that creates the world.

Try to see inside of my heart, my acts aren't for judgement.
Because everything else is temporary but, feeling remains constant. 💫

#One sentence diary

Don't you dare to pull me down,
Darling.. i have "survived".

Finding Reasons

We can only see the sky much clearer when tear washes our eyes not the water. We can feel our fly only when we fall several times.We admire the smoothness of a flower only after playing with stones .We learn the value of respect, when we goes through obscenity .That one scar reminds us our mistakes for life time.That one loss.. teaches us to value things.We walk daily for no reason but, that one walk in rain gives us thousands of reasons to walk.We don't like when it rains suddenly, but we understand it's value only after drought .You don't know the value of one ring until somebody special comes in your life and gift it to you.We don't know the value of sun, but a long dark night teaches us that.We hate noise, but after a long silent night there is nothing better than the voice of birds playing here and there on trees.The word relief wouldn't ever made, if the pain isn't there.Similarly little negativity is never too bad. In fact it teaches us the value of posi…

Anger 💔

He pounded her head on wall, This made a stark of crime there.He walked out to the foliage,and his sin started strangling him. He tried to thudding himself,that anywork in favour of her can cause him life time jail. As she has knew everything now. So he dropped the idea to get a first-aid kit.This all moved to fast in his mind like a metro rail but his body is more like a mannequin. A swirl of thoughts arise. He tried to smirk, as nothing is wrong there according to him." I don't care if she stays alive . But more than that i want her to die. She is not going to spare me for this, there are plenty of reasons i can give to the cop. It was just an accident. F**k with first-aid box let's have some wine. Where is it? Ohhoo Sarah surely will know that!!Ahh no no i just smashed her head on the wall. She wIll not answer she must be in deep sleep. I should better find it for myself ." He had walked only for some distance though. He is trying to concentrate on random thoughts…

The fault in her star 🌠

Note:- story is sensitive Sahiba an eighteen year old girl. She isn't allowed to use technologies and stuffs. As according to her dad she is a girl and she belongs to somebody else (her future husband) and they are keeping her as a fidelity of her husband. It is their duty to keep her secure and untouched. Secure in the sense they don't even want her to go outside in garden. She is only allowed to go to school because his father says no man wants to marry an uneducated girl. This is the only reason why Sahiba is allowed to go to school. But other then that. She can not make friends, she can't go for hangouts. she just comes from school daily and then she gets busy in all the work of home. Like cooking,cleaning . Then as soon as her dad arrives at home she hides her self in the last room of the house. So she can save her self from those dispiriting conversation with dad. You must be missing her mother in this story. Yes she also lives there in the house with them, but she i…

Don't cut my wings (Udta Punjab)

This is sad that how our mentality is getting sick nowadays. As we all know movie udta punjab is going to release tomorrow and the whole movie is basically based on drug addiction in punjab . Which is the reality. But recently when udta punjab was sent to censor board , they gave 89 cuts to the movie. Which spoiled almost the whole movie . There was nothing left to show the audience as censor board, censored it all. While there was nothing to be censored in the movie. But to save their image and as they don't want the world to know how punjab is getting drug addict they did this with the movie.
The hard work behind the movie, money , time it takes everything that one have .
    However after controversies and support of public the whole drama end up with 13 cuts in the movie.
      But the story starts after this. Yesterday (15/06/2016) people related with censor board secretly leaked the whole movie on social site twitter. While the movie is still about to release.         
The r…

Datsun Redi-Go #DatsunIndia :)

Fun. Freedom. Confidence. The ultimate  Urban Cross - Datsun redi-GO - the capability of a crossover with the convenience of a hatchback.Guys and girls ! Here comes the most awaited car of all.. Introducing Datsun Redi-Go car. This car for sure is going to be a blessing for automobile sector. If you guys are thinking to buy a car that suits on different kind of personalities.. And the very low and amazing price then you are at a very right place. Datsun is now going to officially release their Redi-Go car which comes with hilarious new and mesmerizing features.on one side you get features that impress your mind while on the other side the adorable and classy look of the car. Let's take a look on it's main key aspects.

Now if you ask me about those three features that i loved the most then have a look here :-  *1 The very first thing that i love about Datsun Redi-Go cars is, it's sporty and classy look. you must be thinking what a childish reason is this. Yes we say we should…

Rain drops ☁

Here the day come like any other day, and here i am frustrated and puzzled in my self like any other day. Sky is getting darker,and birds are seems to be getting disturbed or maybe exited.

 I can see kids playing on street.. Shouting.. Yelling at each other. Fighting for ball enjoying,laughing and smiling.

"Well why i am wasting my time looking at these kids through my window ..they have nothing to do after all. But i have so much to do . " i thought.
I started arranging things like books and papers and then little dusting here and there. And then i heard the sound "tip tip tip" "yes its raining outside " i said to myself.

And then i almost ignored everything going around and started working again.
Nonstop conversation between ladies outside, loud voices of their children. Their big laughs.. The sound of vehicles running over wet roads.
"Banti don't go too far son!!!!." "I win i win i win!"
"No that's cheating!" &q…