Anger 💔

He pounded her head on wall, 

This made a stark of crime there.

He walked out to the foliage,and his sin started strangling him. He tried to thudding himself,that anywork in favour of her can cause him life time jail. As she has knew everything now. So he dropped the idea to get a first-aid kit.This all moved to fast in his mind like a metro rail but his body is more like a mannequin. A swirl of thoughts arise. He tried to smirk, as nothing is wrong there according to him." I don't care if she stays alive . But more than that i want her to die. She is not going to spare me for this, there are plenty of reasons i can give to the cop. It was just an accident. F**k with first-aid box let's have some wine. Where is it? Ohhoo Sarah surely will know that!!

Ahh no no i just smashed her head on the wall. She wIll not answer she must be in deep sleep. I should better find it for myself ." He had walked only for some distance though. 

He is trying to concentrate on random thoughts rather than walking. These thoughts were the result of what happened few minutes ago. He is in abnormal stage where he has no control over his thinking.

He sits down on the floor. Trying to calm him self down .

His chary eyes started scrolling with the double speed as he heard a sound of a knock. He drag himself somehow to the door as his mind is not allowing him to go there . As he opened the door he found nobody was there. He locked the door instantly and decided to pretend like nobody is in the house. 

It's been almost an hour now since he visited that room where he smashed sarah's head. 

He walked to the kitchen and started searching for the bottle of wine . "Ugghh where have you laid wine ? Haan!! Sarah comeone get up now stop acting like you are dead. Can't you see that i am upset , ohh comeone you jerk." He said while walking to that room in anger.

"Come on you jerk get up ! Don't act .. i said get the f**k up!!!!!!" He slapped her several times to wake her up . 

But he can't hear sarah breathing.

Pulses are gone . This was the moment when he realized that he has actually killed his wife. 

"No! No!! hahaha what a great joke " *claps* "good good sarah i admire your talent hahahaa get up come on . Come baby we need to talk. You're being so irresponsible nowadays. That wine was so expensive. You know that. Come on now search it for me.." He mumbled while walking to the kitchen.

" Come come this way" he turned back.. and see nobody is coming with him.

He ran back to that room. Sarah!! Sarah! Saaa..!!! And he saw sarah is still laying on the floor, no movement till now. 

"Sarah baby!! Are you fine? You know i love you right? Get up for me! Get up ! See our children will arrive soon from school go prepare some food. Don't sleep too much sarah. Not good for health." 

Beads of tears were falling on her face through the eyes. Red,swollen eyes. With full of tears. His scared face . He ran away to the main door .

Reached in his backyard.** Impenetrable silence** he sits there. And remembered the time when sarah used to give water to those plants. And how he used to shout on her and used to tell her to stop doing these useless things. 

He remembered the time when they were newly married, and it was sarah's idea to planting different flower plants to make it beautiful and work positively. She was planning to celebrate their 19th wedding anniversary in that backyard.

He remembered the last night when he said her " i love you so much baby nothing can break us." Yes seriously nothing Except his anger!!

He has still no idea why and how he did that with his wife . She was discussing about to change the school of their son. she said that teachers are almost every time absent from the class. we should change his school, it may cost us a little too much but, this all will be worth of it. It was just a simple argument and he was just trying to convince her, but she wasn't ready to listen , she was talking and screaming too much and everything suddenly went over his head and he hold her hairs and drag her to the wall and smashed her head on the wall. This wasn't the first time when this happened.

He always used to get angry on small things. This was his mental condition where he forgets everything. And he looses control over his body . He has lost the love of his life.

So alone in jail for life time .

**John 30 year old guy suffering with random anger disease. They never paid attention to it. He lost his everything. 

That is why Even small symptoms shouldn't be neglected.**


Story has no connections with any living or dead person. 



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