Don't cut my wings (Udta Punjab)

This is sad that how our mentality is getting sick nowadays. As we all know movie udta punjab is going to release tomorrow and the whole movie is basically based on drug addiction in punjab . Which is the reality. But recently when udta punjab was sent to censor board , they gave 89 cuts to the movie. Which spoiled almost the whole movie . There was nothing left to show the audience as censor board, censored it all. While there was nothing to be censored in the movie. But to save their image and as they don't want the world to know how punjab is getting drug addict they did this with the movie.
The hard work behind the movie, money , time it takes everything that one have .
    However after controversies and support of public the whole drama end up with 13 cuts in the movie.
      But the story starts after this. Yesterday (15/06/2016) people related with censor board secretly leaked the whole movie on social site twitter. While the movie is still about to release.         
The release date is 17/06/2016 and to take revenge they spoiled all hard work of the team members of Udta Punjab.
     Soon after this case Aliyah Bhatt and Shahid kapoor requested to everybody to not to download the movie with that link and watch movie in theaters as it is their hard work and everything.
         However now that link has been removed from the social sites. But the controversy gave an example of the cheap and sick mentality of our people .
     Just because they don't want movie to come out they did this with the movie. They should keep this in their minds that they are sitting on this position to serve good to people. Not to take everything away from audience .
While Censor board always remains unable to control nudity in the movies. They pass them in the name of art.
Then what would you call the hard work of team udta punjab ??
    Drug has killed many families in punjab. I have seen people crying for their children who died because of taking drugs.
    If punjab it self agrees with the story of movie Udta punjab then who the hell are those people doing this with the movie.
Dirty Politics everywhere. No matter what our nation teaches us, no matter what our nation says, what our law says . People with sick mentality will spoil everything.
No matter how hard our honorable prime minister mr. Narendra Modi Tries these cheap people won't spare a chance to spoil his hard work by doing all these tricks . People question modi for everything that happens here. Politicians keep on debating over these things. They keep on abusing each other's party.
      And our country and people like us, pay for it.
    My full love and faith is with the Udta punjab team. And i request you all guys to must watch this movie in theaters . This shows the reality of politicians. How they are cooking their food on people's dead bodies .
Punjab is a great place and it will always be on top. No matter how much people with dirty mentality tries to pull it down.
I support my prime minister because i can see him working, i support udta punjab because i know it is based on reality. And i support everything that supports my country.

And i will accuse them all who are trying to drag our country back. What's wrong is wrong.


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