Finding Reasons

We can only see the sky much clearer when tear washes our eyes not the water. 

We can feel our fly only when we fall several times.

We admire the smoothness of a flower only after playing with stones .

We learn the value of respect, when we goes through obscenity .

That one scar reminds us our mistakes for life time.

That one loss.. teaches us to value things.

We walk daily for no reason but, that one walk in rain gives us thousands of reasons to walk.

We don't like when it rains suddenly, but we understand it's value only after drought .

You don't know the value of one ring until somebody special comes in your life and gift it to you.

We don't know the value of sun, but a long dark night teaches us that.

We hate noise, but after a long silent night there is nothing better than the voice of birds playing here and there on trees.

The word relief wouldn't ever made, if the pain isn't there.

Similarly little negativity is never too bad. In fact it teaches us the value of positive things. Positivity exist because of negativity. There are always two sides of a coin . They are opposite but complementary to each other.

If we never get hurt how we will ever be happy ?

My motive behind writing this post was nothing but, just to remind my readers again those forgotten reasons to smile. Hope you smile today, tomorrow and everyday. :)
Respect things that are happening to you.


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    1. Thank you so much . It means a lot . Keep reading:)

    2. Thank you so much . It means a lot . Keep reading:)

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    1. Thank you so much dear :* loads of love . Keep reading:*


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