Rain drops ☁

Here the day come like any other day, and here i am frustrated and puzzled in my self like any other day. Sky is getting darker,and birds are seems to be getting disturbed or maybe exited.

 I can see kids playing on street.. Shouting.. Yelling at each other. Fighting for ball enjoying,laughing and smiling.

"Well why i am wasting my time looking at these kids through my window ..they have nothing to do after all. But i have so much to do . " i thought.
I started arranging things like books and papers and then little dusting here and there. And then i heard the sound "tip tip tip" "yes its raining outside " i said to myself.

And then i almost ignored everything going around and started working again.
Nonstop conversation between ladies outside, loud voices of their children. Their big laughs.. The sound of vehicles running over wet roads.
"Banti don't go too far son!!!!." "I win i win i win!"
"No that's cheating!" "Go away.." "let's see who reach there first." Voices and sounds like these were distracting my puzzled mind towards outside.
I took a deep breath and closed my eyes.. And this created a flashback of that time when rain used to be the best thing of my life. Dancing in rain and playing with my siblings in rain. Those fake promises of not to play in rain .. And then the evening when grandma used to make new dishes and food materials. And we used to eat that sitting in balcony with the whole family.
Those drops of water which used to come to us  with the force of air. Those laughs and those days. I remembered everything in few seconds. it was like a tsunami of feelings which came in few seconds and took everything away from me.
I opened my eyes and looked at myself in mirror and realize that it's not too late to get back there . Everything is Just few steps away from me. I put everything down and moved to my balcony and i see people standing in their balconies just like before. It is not the same house though.. But the feelings were same.
And then it felt like ..the wind has blown away the sickness of my mind . Rain drops were like playing with wind. Running here and there and touching us everywhere.

Yes grandma is not with us now. But she must be watching me from wherever she is now. I feel alive . Yes i did . After so many years .. This made me smile . I realized that it was a feeling from which i was trying to hide myself . Because whenever this wind blows and whenever this wind plays with rain drop it reminds me of that old time which can never come back. Some people i lost, something that has changed.. Fear of separation with good things. Fear of loosing my dear ones again. Fear of that change, which takes place unwantedly. When i summed up all these together somewhere between this all traffic of thoughts, i found Me.

The real Me. The Me playing with rain drops again.. Creating memories to remember again :) The books are still waiting for me to put them on right place .. But that's fine. They can wait but this moment can not :)


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