Something about ME .

I fight to fight not to create A FIGHT.
I write to write not to be always RIGHT.

I laugh to relax not to Make fun of SOMEBODY.
when i admire the beauty i don't consider the BODY.

I act to act, i don't REACT.
If i hurt you mistakenly, no that's not my TIT FOR TAT.

I step up to grow, but i don't forget ANYTHING.
If i said i move on, yes I'VE MOVED ON with that THING.

If i said i don't care , that's a part of my ANGER.
That lasts for a while, never too LONGER.

Try to catch feelings, not the WORDS.
Because feel is everything that creates the world.

Try to see inside of my heart, my acts aren't for judgement.
Because everything else is temporary but, feeling remains constant. 💫


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