The fault in her star ๐ŸŒ 

Note:- story is sensitive 

Sahiba an eighteen year old girl. She isn't allowed to use technologies and stuffs. As according to her dad she is a girl and she belongs to somebody else (her future husband) and they are keeping her as a fidelity of her husband. It is their duty to keep her secure and untouched. Secure in the sense they don't even want her to go outside in garden. She is only allowed to go to school because his father says no man wants to marry an uneducated girl. This is the only reason why Sahiba is allowed to go to school. But other then that. She can not make friends, she can't go for hangouts. she just comes from school daily and then she gets busy in all the work of home. Like cooking,cleaning . Then as soon as her dad arrives at home she hides her self in the last room of the house. So she can save her self from those dispiriting conversation with dad. You must be missing her mother in this story. Yes she also lives there in the house with them, but she is just a mannequin there. She never interact with neighbours. She never supports her daughter as she isn't allowed for that too. Her husband is everything for her, and she supports him in any situation. As she don't have any extra choice . She cannot take divorce as their society won't allow her. Even if she take  divorce the society will punish her for this. Maybe not physically now because this is illegal and we have some so called laws for that, but mentally. Boycott with the society is one of the biggest punishment that ever could be. This fear never let her support her child. 

Moving on to sahiba she is still sitting in that last room of the house, regretting for her life. Her badluck that she is a girl.

This is her destiny. And she can not even try to protect her self with these circumstances as nobody is going to be with her . Every girl has a dream to marry a guy with great qualities. Every girl dreams of her prince charming. She is wondering if there is any place exist in this world , where people treats girl like a human.

       These days sahiba is little happier than before . As her dad is about to go out of the town for three months. She is so happy that now she will live her life happily for few months. Now she will listen to the music without any fear . Next morning, his dad left the town for three months. Sahiba is now feeling so much confident. And she is much louder. This is the moment when sahiba started feeling her inner beauty. For last two months sahiba's mother noticed that sahiba is focusing on her beauty a lot. She is taking more than usual time to getting ready for school. When sahiba comes from school, she notices her daily, crooning some romantic songs. First she thought this is because of the freedom that she has got because of the absence of dad. But soon her this thought becomes a doubt on sahiba when she heard sahiba talking about some guy named Robin.

     When she asked to sahiba about that guy, sahiba clearly disgraced this statement of her mother. That she was talking about some guy. She even added that there is no guy named Robin exist in her whole class.

           For that time her procrastination worked. But her mother's doubt wasn't wrong. Yes sahiba has a boyfriend. With whom she wants to get married. She love him a lot and she is ready to die for him. Robin's mother knows everything about robin and sahiba. And she supports them because she thinks, nothing can be much prettier than the true love. Robin's mother is totally ready for their marriage. She is a single mother. Her marriage was an arranged marriage. And her husband left her for some other women. She fought alone in court for her rights on her child, robin. She won the case. And from then to this day, she alone made her child educated. She is giving him higher education. She works alone in 4 part time jobs. Makes money and spends it on her child Robin. She is a single, independent mother who believes in honesty, which she found in sahiba's eyes for robin. And because she don't want to happen the same with his son, she decided that she will be happy with whatever  girl robin will choose to marry. 

        But the problem in sahiba's case is little more complicated. Her dad never loved her the way he loved his son. He always kept her closed in the house like a maid . Humanity was never in his heart for anyone. Besides this he is a cruel,rude and pugnacious guy from the start. Soon sahiba's mother doubt converted into belief that sahiba is in love with some guy. 

          She decided to talk to her about this. She enters in her room. And sahiba is still sleeping as she worked a lot last night. Her mother awakes her . "Sahiba, get up we need to talk about something very serious."

She gets up nervously. "Yes mamma?"

  "look sahiba i don't know who the hell that guy is . But just remember one thing. This drama is not going to last for too long. You can't hide this for a long time. Your father is coming back next week. And as soon as he knows about this, that guy is going to be dead. "

(** Creepy silence***)

" I don't want anybody to be dead, this will be better for all of us if you leave that guy." She added and left the room like she don't want to hear any explanation for this. 

     Next week her dad arrives. He still has no idea about sahiba's affair with that guy. Though sahiba and robin never meets. They talk hardly two times in a month . But they look at each other daily in school. 

    Sahiba comes back from the school and found her dad sitting on the chair . She gets scared  for a while. Then she said "hello papa how was your trip."  "it was great honey, now go and bring some coffee for me. Your mother is sleeping and i am very tired now ."  He replied

"Yes ! Yes papa yes ." She replied.

She feels better by knowing that still her dad has no idea about the case. 

She brings coffee for him . " Sahiba come back sit here , i want to talk to you about something." Her dad said.

Sahiba's heart starts beating like a drum. She gets a Throat blocking stroke . And sits there like a mannequin. "Yes papa? Did i do something wrong?" 

"No no nothing is wrong sahiba don't panic. I want to talk to you. Listen sahiba you are now 18 and legally you can marry now . Someday you will have to leave us. And i think that day has arrived. See this photo." He groped for something in his pocket and then adds up. 

"See i want you to marry this guy."

When sahiba looked at that photo she just felt like brain dead . The guy with whom he wants her to marry is an aged person looks 50 years old.

" See sahiba he is 52 i know. But he has a lot of money. What else do you want? You can enjoy your whole life without doing anything." He adds up before she could say something.

"Papa i don't want to marry him." Simple straightforward reply she gave to her dad.

" Sahiba i am not asking to you, this is my order dear. And you are getting married next month. I am just telling you this, to be ready. You have no choice. Now get out from here." 

This incident left her in unconscious state for the whole day. She didn't eat anything that day. Next morning she wakes up and decides to tell everything to her dad about her and robin.

She comes down to the stares and found her dad sitting on the same chair and reading a newspaper. But this time she determined her self for this as this is a matter of life and death for her.

"Papa? " She said 

"Huh???" He mumbled.

"Papa i want to talk to you about the marriage." She said.

" Yes yes!! come sit . So you are ready right??" He gets excited and almost thinks that sahiba has finally decided to marry. He keeps the paper aside .

"Papa i don't want to marry him. I can't. I love someone else and i want to marry him. That guy is everything for me .this is my life and i have legally permission to get married with whoever i want . He is a nice guy papa. "  She said that in just one flow. 

"Papa he is also very rich." She adds up this sentence just to convince her dad. 

Suddenly he gets up and threw his coffee mug on sahiba . He grabs her hairs and threw her face on the wall.  This results into a shower of blood oozing out from the side of her face.

She is in so pain that she even forgets  to cry. He kicked the chair of. And shouts. "Come here everybody, i said come here now!!!!!!!"

Sahiba's face is bleeding badly, but she is still standing there, she is trying to stop the blood With her hand. Soon her face gets covered in blood . But she is still standing there like a brave girl.

         Her mother arrives there. And it took not more than 50 seconds to realize that what and why this happened here. She looked at sahiba's face with an expression like " I've told you sahiba, I've told you."

"You know what this bitch is talking about ?? Do you ??" Her dad asked in a very cruel manner to her mother.

" No. No !! What happened?" She fakes her self to save herself from the anger of her husband.

He left the house in anger. Kicked on the gate and walked away in so much anger.

It's 8 pm and everybody is still waiting for him to come back. He is still out. A very creep silence has been spread in all the house. 

It's 11:30 pm and he is still not at home . Sahiba has slept now. 

12:30 am he is still not at home . And sahiba's mother fell asleep in the living room.

 2:00am door makes a sound but it is very low that no body heard that. Yes it is sahiba's father . He is finally at home . He went directly to sahiba's room.

     He opens the door and took a pilow and kept it on sahiba's face . And start pushing the pillow on face with all the force he has. Sahiba is trying to save her self but his dad is so powerful that she can't even move her face. This struggle breaks her nose . And she becomes unconscious. But still alive . 

But the demon inside her dad is still hungry for wrong. He grabs her hairs and drag her down to the bed . He opens the door of bathroom and then shoots two time from very closely on her forehead .

  Sahiba is no more now!!!! How?? Everything happened so quickly!!! But the truth is that 18 yr old happy girl is now no more.

Her mother is awake and she has all the idea about what has been done there in sahiba's room. They packed their clothes and stuffs and left that house that night. 

   After two days police found sahiba's body on the doorway of her bathroom. Spots of blood all over the room and bathroom. 

    Her dad and mother are never found . They left the town and vanished. They are still wanted by police. nobody knows where are they now.

        But the fact is that in this cruel world every minute thousands of girls like sahiba are being murdered. Their fault was nothing but just that they are a girl. I wish if horror serial and movies can be true and sahiba's spirit can comeback to take revenge. But sadly nothing ever happened. Her murderer is still living freely somewhere. 

     Just one request to all , please let her live her life. She is also a human. She deserves equal rights . Don't kill her if she finds her soulmate by her self .

Robin !! He lost his love of life. but now he is  running an ngo against girl abuse..As He found this the last hope to stay alive . He never wants to get marry now. He is trying to save other girls like sahiba from their cruel family.



( Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.) 


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