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Who gave you the right to judge ?

Who doesn't want to feel good about themself . But in the constant struggle between your heart and other people's voice, your heart always loses.  So many different people and different personalities. People admit the fact that, everybody has different perspective but when it comes to obey this fact they close their eyes . People who impose their decisions on others are the most happiest personalities on earth. Because the rest of the people who try to keep everyone happy, always gets hurt by such personalities. 
Nobody sees the struggle, the patience it takes to start Loving yourself. If you never felt bad about this thing, then probably you are the one who is creating this situation for others.  It takes our whole life to know a person very well. But see how funny it is that people in short period of time don't spare a chance to judge you.Who gave you the right to judge someone?  You don't have any right to insult somebody constantly about how they react what they think an…

A Journey too long

Molten nights,setting sights.Scattered dreams,throughout the light.
Long talks,small walks. Broken dreams,made up of rocks .
Blowing winds and known scent,Languorous promises and slack intent.False belief and those theories to be wrong All alone , just memories along.From there to here it's a journey too long.Sore feet,rough palms,That constant struggle,to stay calm.First meet with those two eyes.That's where the heaven lies.First meet that first thought,That first song, together they wrote.Fall, recoup walks along.Together this made him so strong.From alone to along, it's a journey too long.Those small Fights, meanings of life.Together they decide to catch the hype.It's a life they create, for their own.From nothing to everything, it's a journey too long.From words, to line, to making it a song.It's hard to believe but a journey too long .

Heights to catch the heights

HEIGHTS TO CATCH THE HEIGHTSIt is very important to have a good personality . Millions of people live here, they all wants to achieve high goals, but for that one should have some special characters that can make them look different from the crowd. Height is everything in such cases. Height is the first step in creating a good personality . it makes you look different from others.                               But in today's busy life we are taking very less amount of nutrition, which restrict the height growth. lack of sleep. pressure of studies are obstacles. for that we need an alternative that can provide us all those missing nutrients or growth.            Milk in morning is very usual, we often says that drinking milk is a complete nutrition, but not now. pasteurization also kills many of useful vitamins. so to increase the energy of milk the best alternative since years is HORLICKS .                                   Since many years…

Thoughtful stuff #1

nobody knows what went wrong in her life. That she stopped talking to everyone . But the truth was that the maturity taught her to choose priorities in life. Because in the end of the life, nobody is going to stay with you but only few who were your priority since forever. ✌