A Journey too long

Molten nights,setting sights.

Scattered dreams,throughout the light.

 Long talks,small walks. 

 Broken dreams,made up of rocks .

Blowing winds and known scent,

Languorous promises and slack intent. 


False belief and those theories to be wrong All alone , just memories along.

From there to here it's a journey too long. 

Sore feet,rough palms,

That constant struggle,to stay calm.

 First meet with those two eyes.That's where the heaven lies.

First meet that first thought,

That first song, together they wrote.

Fall, recoup walks along.

Together this made him so strong.

From alone to along, it's a journey too long.

Those small Fights, meanings of life.

Together they decide to catch the hype.

It's a life they create, for their own.

From nothing to everything, it's a journey too long.

From words, to line, to making it a song.

It's hard to believe but a journey too long .


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