Who gave you the right to judge ?

Who doesn't want to feel good about themself . But in the constant struggle between your heart and other people's voice, your heart always loses. 
So many different people and different personalities. People admit the fact that, everybody has different perspective but when it comes to obey this fact they close their eyes .
People who impose their decisions on others are the most happiest personalities on earth.
Because the rest of the people who try to keep everyone happy, always gets hurt by such personalities. 

Nobody sees the struggle, the patience it takes to start Loving yourself.
If you never felt bad about this thing, then probably you are the one who is creating this situation for others. 
It takes our whole life to know a person very well. But see how funny it is that people in short period of time don't spare a chance to judge you.Who gave you the right to judge someone?  You don't have any right to insult somebody constantly about how they react what they think and what perspectives they have.
What do you want from me? Do you want me to create an audience pole section for my character? Or you want me to make a banner "Judge me, i am for judging not for living." 
"Judge me because i am not god's creation, i am his mistake." Because this is what you want me to accept.
You can judge me because you are above than god. You Don't make mistakes, your perspectives are not perspectives they are theories that can never be wrong.
What you think is not your thinking it is actually a fact that nobody can deny. Right?
We don't have right to keep opinions to have perspectives. these words are only for you. Right? If we have perspective about something .. oh no that's the worst possible thing we can think.
Claps for the people who never feel guilty for what they have done with others. Afterall they are the happiest personalities. And being happy is an art. Which we poor people can not learn. Because we care for others happiness more than ours.
If you too care for others more than yourself  like i do. Then i warn you stop! Start changing yourself. Otherwise those great personalities won't let you survive. 
Their constant accusations on you . You'll be constantly humiliated for what you are for how you react and behave for what "tone" you use while talking. Although this won't kill you, your habit of giving importance to other's view, your habit to respect them, your little poor heart who feel sad about little things. Your habit of overthinking , this will kill you someday.
Let's become selfish and see how far this goes. Let's become selfish not to be happy but to proof this world that generosity is something this world is made up of . To proof that without people like us you'll be perishing..


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