Okay now this one is so confusing!  I am like so confused about how to start this topic.  But you know what this is one of the most interesting subject among all.  You know after so many endless debates there are still no believable results for this topic.  We don't have any proofs to either prove this existence right or to deny it.  So the topic is does ghost exist?  So,  still whenever this topic starts,  with a cup of tea and in a group of friends it lighten up  the whole day.  At least mine. I always found this topic so interesting.  Maybe few don't. But i do. 

Actually i thought to write this topic because within few months i have watched quiet a few videos and cctv footages of some ghosts walking around. Some  of them are clearly fake and some are even tested by authorities they proof that no editing has ever been done in those  cctv footages . But you know human tendency of DOUBT.  I never trusted them. But these videos and these pictures what they actually did is, nothing but gave me a spark to think on it. That,  does they really exist? 

The Indian paranormal expert (Gaurav tiwari) who died mysteriously his last statement 
Made me more curious to know more about this topic.
                  : Gaurav Tiwari :

 It was his last statement that some negative spirits are around him and they are trying to kill him.  And then this happened.  Nobody knows how! But this incident gave us a topic to debate on. 

According to paranormal experts,  spirits don't have any shape and size.  They are like a gas or mist or fog type appearance. They are impossible to see (until they want to reveal their identity.)  
 Why the hell i am writing this topic in this dark night!!! 

What we see in movies and serials is seriously an utter nonsense.  They take the reality to some other level that it even become so hard to believe. I mean do some research and please try to show some realistic stories.  I am like super fed up with these horror entertainment industry.
But,  moving back to our topic. Yes their existence.  So this is like doubtful since forever.  Some believe some don't.  
Spirit, aatma, jinn lots of words in different languages but meaning is same. 
This is the reason why i am always interested to know more about it. How is it possible for every religion to believe in same thing.  Devil,  demon.  How is it possible that different religions which even don't worship the same god but they agree on this same power of demon! Isn't that quite interesting?  Yes they do have different terms to call them like demon,  devil, spirit, aatma, jinn, danav.  But every term has the same meaning. 

Well if you ask me for my opinion on this topic.  So i see this topic from different perspective.  Like forget about demon, devil and spirits.  Just consider it as a negative power.  
So if positive power can exist then why can't the negative one? 
Of course it does.  It is just that,  it's far away from our imagination. They must be like super different from what we think of them. 
Let's take one other point. 
Now if i see it with a little different perspective like, 
 If i consider them as a demon or ghost which is going to harm me then definitely i am gonna deny this fact that they exist.  Not because this isn't possible but because if it is possible then this scared the shit outta me.  And holy crap! I am never gonna admit this truth.  Because i don't want to live in such world dude.  I am very happy with this ghost less world. (so i definitely never think with this perspective.  It was just an Example). 

In my perspective,  i always try to make it fair.  So let's make it fair for them too.  
If YOU can exist, if I can exist if different animals can exist,  if different and rare creatures can exist then why can't they? 

In case of aliens dude i don't even want to debate on it.  Because they exist and there is no strange in that.  It was never a strange thing for me. I know aliens do exist and if got a chance i am definitely gonna prove this thing.  Because they aren't a spirit or something which has no end they are like some different creature they have a particular age they aren't invisible they can't go through the closed door.  They are just intelligent this is it.  And again the human tendency,  humans don't wanna believe that there can be something even powerful than them.  This is the only reason why some people are never going to admit this alien fact. But i believe they exist and they are not ghost they are just different creature than us. 
So coming back to the topic "ghosts".  It is little hard to believe on them because they don't have any visible appearance and of course as I've seen this in movies that they can go through the closed door, which always gives me goosebumps. Like they have some different etiquette than humans. They don't knock doors before entering. Which can be quiet offensive for us humans. But apparently we humans are of little shy nature.  We at least don't like to dare with ghosts.
 (god dammit because we don't want to die!!i was just trying to sound brave don't take me anyway.)
  so yes you know our shy nature. We don't make enemies (at least if they are invisible and go through the closed doors) we like to live in peace. Except the world wars, and yea we are moving to the path of world war three but that doesn't matter we are still very shy. We kill each other but we don't harm ghosts. 
(because dammit you just CAN'T!!!) 

I should better end this article by saying that at least ghosts are better than humans.  They don't kill people without no reason.  They don't plant bombs.  They don't want to rule the world  (not sure about this one) but yes they are better than humans. I am not afraid of ghosts as much as of human. Because you never know who is a rapist or a murder or a psycho killer in the face of human so that is little more scary for me. 

Note:  saying those above lines made me feel better about ghosts this is the only reason why i said that. I am writing this in night and again i want to have a healthy night and sweet dreams. If you know what i mean. 

So this is it for today!  Make sure if you like this post you comment and don't forget to give this reaction feature a try. Just check the box below how you feel about this post. Do tell me. Bbye and i hope you never meet with any of these creatures i mentioned in the post.(unless if you want to)  :p


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