Do you remember YOURSELF?

Okay so now this is something serious. Remember the first time when you used makeup and it made you feel pretty for the first time like that?
Then you apply it after few weeks then after few days and probably now you are doing it daily? First time you did this because you found yourself more beautiful  than the person you were before. 

But now you are doing this because the person you were before is now ugly for you. See the difference? 
Now you can't even imagine yourself without makeup. You stays in makeup all day. It gives you confidence..  Which  is fine.  but when you don't use makeup it makes you feel so down and ugly and it kills your self confidence? If yes!  then it's time to change yourself. 
Change yourself from this person to the natural one, that you were before. 

 Because are definitely not going to love, someone totally different than you,  from the rest of your life,  right? All you want is to love yourself to feel good about yourself and you want to be loved by others. That's all you want in your life.  Right?
So pay attention now!! I see so many of makeup videos getting viral on social media nowadays. And due to curiosity even small girls are like getting very much into it. 
Makeup is fine untill it works on highlighting our features but when it comes to change our face shape like contour or hide something
Alike using several layers of foundation and face powders, it becomes a serious matter.  For special occasions it is alright. But when you start doing it on regular basis situation starts getting  complicated and it becomes even worse when you feel uncomfortable without it. foundation,compact don't foregt these are chemicals and using them on regular basis it degrades your skin slowly and also makes you love another person but not you.  Makeup is an art and it is okay if you use it like that but it becomes a major problem when people start taking it as a challenge to look beautiful.
So do it for fun but never disrespect the person that you are without makeup. And at least make some time from your busy schedule to admire the real YOU.  Have fun on streets without makeup.  Go for hangouts with no makeup.  Meet with that "special one"  with no makeup on,so that you can keep attached with the real "you". 
I see so many girls from teenage to adults they are like getting crazy about it. Now they are taking it so seriously that they even sleep in makeup. And yes This is no joke! One of my friend does this. She told me that how much addict she is getting of makeup. She was sick for a week and she was so weak to do makeup n all stuff so during all those days she actually faced depression bcz of that!!! Isn't this is serious enough to work on it? She was hating her self for the person she saw after so long. And i know,  She isn't the only one. This case is getting more serious than we can imagine. Girls even don't like it when you tell them about the side effects of makeup. They often get very defensive about it.  Of course this is your life and you'll have to decide what you want to do with yourself.  But with keeping this in mind that, 
 "Too much of everything is good for nothing. " 


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