Hey!! Did you hear that??

Hello 21st century people!! How are you doing? How's your life going? How was your day?  Did you judge anyone? Hello?  Did you judge anyone?? 

Yes don't be surprised! I am really asking it to you. Did you judge anyone today or not? 

Because this is what we so called  21st century people do.  This is how we kill our time.  Gossiping about some other. And yes gossiping is not only girls business.  Coz I've seen a lot of man doing this in their free time.  We all gossip right?  

Somehow, somewhere here and there we gossip. 

Look at that girl with blue bag,  or that guy with grey shirt.  Look at that aunty who's trying to play so cool.  Stop stop!! Look at that kid..  And this is how the normal gossiping begins with. 
Gossiping is good for health until,  unless it doesn't start summarizing someone's character and their life.  But unfortunately we do.  This is our society and our society teaching us this from our childhood. Remember that gossip between your mom and that neighborhood aunt about that another aunty who lives just behind that ancient hanuman ji temple.
See! how strangers who even don't know somebody's name, how they decide somebody's character so fast. It takes only 0.00001 seconds to judge somebody's life and decide their character.
But!!! before we judge somebody's life make sure you see their struggles make sure you see what they have been through during all this.  

It's easy to judge somebody wearing your comfortable flip flops,  but so hard to even walk a mile in other's shoe.  Yeah i modified this quote a little bit. Flip flops are in fashion dude!!!  Now plz don't judge me on this. 

You know what the actual difference is.  It's in our thoughts,  the actual problem and the difference lies somewhere between that little space in our thoughts.
Wait!!!  I can explain, no body is actually that bad it is just that our thoughts and our way of thinking and talking doesn't match.  But that doesn't make somebody a mannequin  to pass comments on?  We are different our thinking is different and i guess this is why this world exist.
You know the minus and plus pole theory for electricity this is how current flows right?  Yes you like a girl in pair of blue jeans with white t shirt on and a classy hand bag with those matching pair of loafers.  But the point is "you"  want to see her like that "you" want things to be in that way,  not "everybody else" .  So do it for your wardrobe, don't just always react like what you want is right!  what type of clothes and things you want is right and everybody else is just a fool out here. Maybe you are judging a girl wearing those clothes which  your parents bought for you, but you don't see that what she wears she works for it day and night!  So see the difference?   This example suddenly changed the atmosphere right? The feeling changed suddenly.  Why?  Because this was the "behind the scene" thing,  Which actually can be possible in somebody's life whom you judged this morning. 

Or sometimes you just talk with someone and you don't like their thoughts and their ideas so you prove them a fool or childish person or something. Ever did this?  I am sure in some stage of your life you might have done this with somebody.  Comeon! You know you've done this before!

After all judgemental people are everywhere. Even I've also done this quite a few times.  I don't remember though.  See we all have this tendency to judge.  This is why i keep reminding my self that,  people are not bad, sometimes the gap and that little difference in our thought process makes us hate that person.  Which is not right probably. 
If we want people to respect us,  to respect them our thoughts, what we wear.  Then we have to start this process  with ourselves. We have to start respecting other's choices,  their clothes their decision and at least if we can't give respect to their things, then try at least not to disrespect them. 
I write this blog not only for the one who are reading this,  like when i was writing this i was accusing my self! for all those time when i judge somebody,  just because they think differently than me.  I write this because This post will always remind me to at least not to disrespect others, and i hope this post work for you in the same way.  Good luck people. Stay positive in life and  respect respect respect people!  Respect others!  at least if you want the same for you. Or i should make it more easy by saying that " behave with others in such way that,  you want others to behave with you" sorry i can't make it more easy. I am just out of words now. Bbye people (hoping that you aren't judging me on any of the lines i said before) just kidding (not really). ;) 😂


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