"Meenu "


Meenu a ten year old girl, lives in a slum area.
She is a normal fun loving girl like any other child of her age.
 Ten years back when she was born, instead of celebrating that day, her grandmother even refused to take her home. She couldn't believe that she just had a grandchildren as a daughter. 

Meenu's father even fought with doctors that she is not their child. Somebody has replaced their baby boy with this baby girl. But nothing happened. As all the proofs were there.
They tried a lot to get rid of meenu ,but after her mother's promise that meenu will never bother them and she will help her in house work they agreed to take her home as a future house maid.
  Have you ever thought that how painful it can be to know that you are an unwanted child of your parents! Meenu is living daily with this pain. And even more painful is to know that your own parents tried a lot to kill you. But only god saved you.
Now after 10 years meenu is living as a house maid. But she never complained. She is only 10 but her experience about life is priceless. She understands the world better than any of us. She can write better quotes than any of those authors and celebrities.
Just a 10 year old girl Meenu.

" Meenu come in your father is about to come. He is gonna kill you if he saw you playing." Her mother shouted.

"Yes maa" she replied with heavy voice.

Meenu is studying in govt. School not because her parents allowed her, but after the warning of one of the teacher who lives just near their house. He warned her parents that he is going to complaint in police it is against the law to keep your child uneducated.
So after this they allowed her to go to school at least two times in a week.
The main hobby of meenu is to run. Run as fast as she can. When she runs she feels like flying. Flying in the sky for no reason without any boundaries. Because this is what a bird in cage dreams in their life.
She has won many small racing Competitions in her school.
Shortest height girl of the class meenu.

Nobody can ever imagine a small short height girl can fly like this.
Next day as the school bell rang, Meenu took her bag and made her way to home. She was just on her way then suddenly something stopped her. She saw a banner of racing competition in town. For 10 to 16 year old children. And winner is gonna win 30,000 INR from government. She couldn't believe on her eyes.
But wait!!!! What! Entry fee is 500INR !! She looked down and continued walking to her house.
 She opened the lock. Yes lock. Because nobody was at home as her mother is at farm to help her father.
Meenu rubbed sand on her hand and washed them with water . And started cooking up some food for everyone.
Her grandma came back from her 80 years old friend's house as she feels so alone at home at this age.
"House" just one room with no kitchen and toilet made up of a curtain in backyard.

"Meenu come on now serve it fast or i am gomna die of starving." Her grandma stated in a very rude way.

"I know you are a burden for us you don't need to remind me that all the time." Grandmaa added.
She never miss a chance to remind Meenu that she is not more than an animal for them. She is living because of their kindness. At least this is what they think.
She served the food for her grandma and packed the rest for her parents at farm. She ate nothing that day. But just one piece of roti with one slice of Onion.
When her father and mother came back to home she couldn't muster enough courage to talk about the race to her mother.
She couldn't sleep that night .
In the middle of the night she aroused her mother from sleep and told her about the racing competition. And asked her if she could participate in that. Her mother refused clearly as soon as she knew about the entry fee which is 500INR . They hardly earn 100rs in weeks. 500INR is their saving of years.

*Only one day to go for competition*

The sound of some noise is coming from Meenu's house . It sounds like someone is shouting. It didn't take too long to know that meenu is being beaten up by her father for waking up too late in the morning. It was very common for their neighbours. He beat up her bery brutally. Her unfilled scars are living example of this harrassment. Her dad's frustration of not having a boy bursts out at any time on meenu. It is just that she never died . She is so strong that she is still alive after all this humiliation.
This is very common for her but something weird happened that night . She fell asleep too early that night. At least this is what her mother thought.
But no! She didn't even close her eyes that night.

She cried the whole night and nobody knows what she was thinking about.
Next day the day of the competition, Meenu left home for school. Here at home when her mother was searching for those three hundred rupee notes and four notes of fifty rupees to give  it to Meenu. she found out that Meenu has already taken up the money from there.

As Meenu reached the racing court, she gain everybody's attention as she was the youngest one to participate .
And her those two big innocent eyes and messed up hairs won the love of the whole crowd.
She didn't even won the love and attention but also won the race .
Nobody has ever thought that a small girl like her can win the race like this. But Meenu won and also won the prize money .

But she didn't return home that day.
Her mother started searching for her everywhere but couldn't find her.
Next day their neighbour told them about the victory of meenu in the racing competition which was published in a local newspaper.
But meenu was still not at home.
Her father's greedy eyes started acting like he was so worried about Meenu.
After a lot of struggle everyone failed to find her until the day when a villager saw a cow dragging something from the pond. 
It didn't take too much time to realise that it was Meenu.
She seemed very calm that day. A girl full of enthusiasm and confidence was in deep peace. Very silent. 

Go in the flashback of the story.. you know what she was thinking that night?
She was thinking
" dear Papa it was so painful for me to see you tensed everytime because of me . I know if i die you will have to spend money for my funeral. I will arrange it. You won't have to pay for it. I will earn it with my passion and hard work."
After the race Meenu wrote a letter dedicating to her father. In which she also requested to give all the prize money to her father so that he can perform her funeral . And from the rest of the money he can buy equipments for his farm. And also mentioned to buy a pair of bengals for her mother's rough and struggling hands.
She Also added to donate her school dress to her classmate who was even poor than her.
She won the race of life and This was the story of her suicide which gave her a better life and a true life after the life .


  1. A very touching story. My highest respect to Meenu. No one knows how one is going to suffer or enjoy in this life or next life. What we can do now is just to do our best in whatever we do. Our past created our present situation. Thus, if we want to have a better life, we need to do something now. I believe the meritorious deeds Meenu had accumulated will lead her to a better next existence.

    1. Thank you so much sathira your comment means a lot for me. I am glad that it touched your heart. And yes all we can do is enjoy our present in the hope of a better tomorrow. Thanks again. And keep reading dear. :)


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