Story of a suicide .

Story Of A Suicide 

A good book is consist of that quality which tends us to hold it till the end. When i first heard about this book , i thought this going to be the another complicated book . But as i read the first story i couldn't stop my self reading it more. 
* The story i loved the most *
It was the 

Chapter -one*

Because the first story was the reason i kept reading this book. When i read this story i was like damn!! This is me. Sentence are so expressive that i couldn't resist my self reading this. At the end of this story tears were in my eyes. And i think not only me but everyone can easily relate this story with their life. Depression is a state which comes in everyone's life it is just that some people do not understand this.
Now the question is .

1.How do i cope with a relationship breakup ?

First thing that we need to understand is nothing is more important than the life . And secind thing is Life is all about learning with mistakes. People come and go. Only true people stays forever so we should see if our partner is not dedicated towards our relationship then there is no way to hold the relation. 
We need only those people in our life which needs us in their lives. If they don't want us to be in their life then never waste time to fight for that person. Find a person who is just like you. Because there is always somebody waiting for us we just need to see this.
The" real you" which your partner never liked maybe is the "person" somebody else is dying to get in their life. So respect the real "You"and keep searching for the right one. 

Now the second question is :- to know if you are in a depression?

Well depression has really weird symptoms that you start hating yourself, you don't like company of your friends and family. You want to live alone. You stays in memories and think that  nothing has left in your life. You want to kill yourself and finish the matter. But you never think about the family who is dying for you. You just think about that one thing which left you to die .
At least think of your parents. They are living for you.

Now the most important question is ...

3. How to cope with the thoughts of suicide?

Well the first thing that you should think about in this situation is your parents. Who are living for you. They work day and night just to make you happy. Because your happiness is their happiness.
Why to think about someone or something that left you to die ? Why not think about someone who is dying for you daily. 
Search for the right person. And instead of dying think to utilise this birth. At least if you can't do anything live happily for your parents and your loved ones. 
Spend time with your family. Talk withyour parents. Play with your siblings. And if in case you Don't have any then adopt animals. 

Rescue animals . Feed them .pet them. You'll find the different but the REAL "YOU".
                                              it was a great experience reading this. writer deserves a bow. the book is as interesting as the title is.

And yes  i want this book to break all the records possible.


  1. It is great that those who suffer from the mental sickness of depression can wake up to lead a normal life again. I really do not know how many percent of those who are suffering from depression can wake up or really be cured. I really appreciate that you have shared some of the ways to help people who are suffering from depression to relieve from their sickness.

    1. Thank you so much sathira. Your comment made my day :)

    2. Thank you so much sathira. Your comment made my day :)


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