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Differentiate different differences!

If you know that you are different than others, than you need to create a difference.. because only then your "different" will make a difference. Until then, you have no differences you are just like others. ✌

#JustAThought !

Just a thought

Whenever you feel like walking on the right track something happens and you lost your way or hope or you feel distracted! ever happened to you? I am sure a lot of you people have been walked through this all and many are still walking through this. I don't know about others but this is a very simple equation of my life. Whenever i feel like everything is perfect some kind of speed breaker comes and distracts the flow of my life. It's already very slow and the distraction makes it worse !! 
Different situations like something wrong happened in your family or with your friends or around you which distracts you !! makes you forget everything including your aim and targets . You just suddenly starts trying to set things up and make the situations better ... But because of all these you completely forgets about your aim. Even if you remember you feel helpless because there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to handle it all with Patience. some handle it very well and so…