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A Story under construction..

All you can do is make plans and work better . And if it doesn't work make another plan and work on that. Work in silence . Let your hard work speaks, but in case if it doesn't speak .. come in crowd and never pretend like you did a lot of hard work. Pretend like you've done nothing and it doesn't bother you. You wanna know why? Because nobody cares about your hard work until you are successful. So if people are asking about your hard work even when you couldn't make it, then they are probably doing it to make your fun. Nobody takes inspiration from a failure and you only become a looser when you admit it when you let people know that you are.

Ex. You tell somebody you worked so hard for  something you worked day and night.

 There are 97% chances what they gonna listen is -:
" i am telling you that i work for day and night but in reality i didn't i am just saying it to gain your sympathy bcz i want everyone to think that i was a tough competitor ."


When BRAIN talks .

since so many years i was a prisoner of others. I used to worry a lot about people's perspective even more than mine. In this race to match their requirements i forgot who i was . what my class mates said what my neighbours said what my neighbour's friend said about me it all hurted me a lot . I was sad i was broken. Everything left me unsatisfied..
Then as i grew up i thought  why ? Why is it that i can't make everyone happy 
Then one day my brain replied.. dear heart..

..." Its been a long since i am watching your drama i wish i could slap you hard and teach you what to do. But i can't left this place as i have more important work to do for this body.

Dear heart you also have so many important works but sadly you like focusing on rubbish more than that. Now listen. 7 billion people on earth have 100 billion choices and perspectives and you beats for a person who can't even wake up without an alarm clock.

A person who even don't wanna socialize often. A person…

#Thought of the day#

This thought is dedicated to a teacher who was scolding a girl very badly for not having knowledge about some topic. He insulted her in front of the whole department of that subject. So this incident just gave me a thought that, who gave them right to insult somebody you are there to spread knowledge government is paying you to help students not for insulting them. Words like" who gave you the admission in this college you don't deserve this" are so rude and mean. If you have knowledge about that thing you can share it politely with other people not everybody is a master in everything. i felt so bad about that girl and thanked to the god at the same time that it wasn't me. I would've died of shame and insult. You can only understand situation when you relate yourself with that. And i did that and felt so helpless. I wanted to tell that teacher that "we are quite because we respect your position but we do not respect the person you are in real. We respect th…