A Story under construction..

All you can do is make plans and work better . And if it doesn't work make another plan and work on that. Work in silence . Let your hard work speaks, but in case if it doesn't speak .. come in crowd and never pretend like you did a lot of hard work. Pretend like you've done nothing and it doesn't bother you. You wanna know why? Because nobody cares about your hard work until you are successful. So if people are asking about your hard work even when you couldn't make it, then they are probably doing it to make your fun. Nobody takes inspiration from a failure and you only become a looser when you admit it when you let people know that you are.

Ex. You tell somebody you worked so hard for  something you worked day and night.

 There are 97% chances what they gonna listen is -:
" i am telling you that i work for day and night but in reality i didn't i am just saying it to gain your sympathy bcz i want everyone to think that i was a tough competitor ."

Why you were actually saying it bcz -:

* You are broken you are angry from yourself, your inner self is disappointed . You want people to know that you ain't looser coz at least you tried. You feel better when you share it with somebody.*

But you forgot that *NOBODY GIVES A DAMN* about your hard work story until you are successful.

Does that mean that your hard work is nothing if you aren't successful . No! That means your hard work is under construction. It needs polishing and finishing to show up to this world .

So work until you feel like your hard work story is worth telling. And plz don't make it a waste by telling people before getting successful. Share it only with those who truly cares (FAMILY) and few friends but be always concern about whom you are sharing it with. :)


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