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This thought is dedicated to a teacher who was scolding a girl very badly for not having knowledge about some topic. He insulted her in front of the whole department of that subject. So this incident just gave me a thought that, who gave them right to insult somebody you are there to spread knowledge government is paying you to help students not for insulting them. Words like" who gave you the admission in this college you don't deserve this" are so rude and mean. If you have knowledge about that thing you can share it politely with other people not everybody is a master in everything. i felt so bad about that girl and thanked to the god at the same time that it wasn't me. I would've died of shame and insult. You can only understand situation when you relate yourself with that. And i did that and felt so helpless. I wanted to tell that teacher that "we are quite because we respect your position but we do not respect the person you are in real. We respect that profession of a teacher and for the sake of that position we were quite, but in real dude you don't deserve a single word of respect for you. "

Having enough knowledge about something does not make you a great person on earth. You either get that knowledge for earning money getting a job and pay for your own expenses or because you were interested in that field. But that is not going to help people around you untill you use it to help them and stand them up by sharing it with them .  So you better don't show attitude to this world like you've just conquered this whole world. You ain't nothing for this world. You may become a warrior in your head but for rest of the world you are nothing but a jerk.
 So you better know your responsibilities.
 Let me make it more clear . You have so much knowledge about something you just shared it with someone but at the same time you insulted them for not having that knowledge. So what was the point to share it? You insult somebody you make them feel like a garbage and then you just throw your words like stones on their head .
And then there's a person who share things with all the politeness bcz he/she knows that not knowing something is not a crime . And if you know something about that topic it's your duty to share it with others with all the respect . But not everybody can be like this ..
Because great position comes with great responsibility and not everybody has that potential.  :)


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