When BRAIN talks .

 since so many years i was a prisoner of others. I used to worry a lot about people's perspective even more than mine. In this race to match their requirements i forgot who i was . what my class mates said what my neighbours said what my neighbour's friend said about me it all hurted me a lot . I was sad i was broken. Everything left me unsatisfied..
Then as i grew up i thought  why ? Why is it that i can't make everyone happy 
Then one day my brain replied.. dear heart..

..." Its been a long since i am watching your drama i wish i could slap you hard and teach you what to do. But i can't left this place as i have more important work to do for this body.

Dear heart you also have so many important works but sadly you like focusing on rubbish more than that. Now listen. 7 billion people on earth have 100 billion choices and perspectives and you beats for a person who can't even wake up without an alarm clock.

A person who even don't wanna socialize often. A person who hate people's ugly faces but when it comes to make them happy your owner tries a lot and forgets that not every person behind those human bodies deserves to be called as a "HUMAN" Grow up buddy and know that the world is cruel not everybody is bad but remember not everyone is good also. Not eveyone will appreciate your effort not everybody is going to look at that hard work that sleepless nights you spent for reaching there. Not everybody who wipes your tear wants you to be happy. You better understand this, dear heart. Coz your this humbleness and kindness (childishness)is never gonna help you in life. Now for respiration's sake plz let me concentrate on work. And plz don't ever make me think about such things again. 😑

:- Your smart buddy BRAIN. 😜

Brain was rude but he was right so my heart is now quite satisfied with brain's thoery of happiness.

In case if your brain hasn't told you this yet, read this and tell your brain the truth .
So now you know the reason behind your sadness , no no don't thank me!!! be a footballer of your own life ( bcz there are more chances of you to get rejected in a football team so you don't have any choices either) now kick em all out from your life so hard that it can't come back again. 😜

Go my heart go.... Catch that butterfly.. keep trying. See little heart is happy in his life now :)


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