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Soul to soul connection

All we need in this life is that one person who can feel our pain. Who can appreciate our existence when nobody else does. Because we can not always be good to us. Sometimes our struggles and situation just makes us feel so low and down. But That person who believes in your power even when you don't have it, that one person who can make you realize that how precious your existence to this world is, called love. Because not everybody can does that. We meet so many people daily we make new friends, we share our stories, our thoughts, our pain and people try to make us feel better.. but not everybody can make you feel better and you know that... you can feel it when it happens to you.. when you suddenly starts feeling better.. magically because of that one person. It's soul to soul match and you can not deny this fact. And that's when you know that this person truly belongs to you.
You both uplift each other, show them their strength when they are broken into parts. Collect th…

I regret.. i regret about it everyday 💔

Last month, when i was heading to a grocery store with my mum.. i saw a little dog crying. He was in deep pain, i could see it. I didn't see any physical injury tho. Maybe that's why he was in such pain coz it wasn't a physical injury but something that injured his heart and his feelings. I went near him and i was just about to touch him and he just came up to me and literally started crying. He was directly looking into my eyes. But again when i was just about to pet him, a random guy came and almost warned me to stay away from that dog,as if he knew that the dog is definitely gonna bite me. But that cry wasn't fake it was so deep and so painful i couldn't stop myself. I told my mum to stay there and i went directly to a shop and bought some biscuits for him. As i was just returning back to him i saw him crossing the road and going away. I tried to stop him by making different noises in the middle of that traffic but he didn't stop and just disappeared.. and l…

Heart wants what it wants!💔

Why is it that people gets attracted towards those who are not at all interested in them?? Why is it that heart wants what is most difficult to achieve. Why we don't respect the person who is already in love with us? Why don't we give our attention to those who cares a lot for us. Why? Why is it that the person who cares the most for us is the one who is always taken for granted? Knowing the fact that we are running out of time.. with every single passing second we are loosing the time to love them back. With every single passing minute we are running out of breath. We don't know for how long we are going to stay here.. every single minute is precious, every breath is priceless don't spend it in thoughts of somebody who can never be yours. But i know not everyone can control their feelings.. coz at last "heart wants what it wants!"


Our messed up "own self "

7 billion people in this world, desparately trying to make their own identity, but you know that only few are gonna succeed.  Different people, different cultures, different religions and moreover that people with different capabilities. While some people give their hundred percent in everything, some people are still trying to even give their 50%.  "Some people don't some people can't." There is a difference. But it's not just about the hardwork, it's about strategies and plans. Scheduled and well managed work. This is the reason why not everybody can become"FAMOUS". Yes i also believe that luck is also a factor that really works. But luck after hard work that's what i completely believe. Sometimes our strategies and hard work is on point but still we fails not once not twice but again and again . Because the second thing that i believe is, we all destined for something special. So sometimes we try our luck in something that we feel like we are su…

Everything wrong with our education system.

"Education is the most powerful weapon, we can use to change the world."
                                 -Nelson Mandela
True!! isn't it?? Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to conquer the world , education is the most powerful weapon when situations are wrong. But what if this education becomes the reason for all those wrong situations?? 
Let me make it more clear. It's like preparing people to fight in trouble.. but no body is teaching them how not to let a fight begin, how to spread mankind in trouble and in stressful situation. Fighting back is a great spirit yes it takes courage.. but brilliant are those who never let a situation reach too far that it can costs somebody's life.

From hate and murders to depression and sucides i am going to talk about everything that is wrong with our education system.

1. Poetries and great stories in syllabus but no learning in reality. 
So you all must have read those great poetries and stories with great lessons…

Let's speak up!

Hello folks!! how are you doing? It's been awhile since i last posted anything here! 
Since so many days i am observing one thing which is constant in everybody's life is pessimism. So i finally feel like writing something. The kind of negativity and the change in aspects of people. Deep inside everybody is broken, whether it's because of their love life or their professional life i don't know why but deep down everybody is in a kind of depression.                            This is what competition has done to us. The day by day increasing level of competition the race to become the best,the fight to be on top, this struggle is throttling the relations. It's slowly suffocating people around us, that were once our everything.
Another very important point is whenever a person fails to reach their goal or can't  match their own expectation they blame their close ones for their losing. This is a human tendency coz yes most the people do not know how to keep or maint…

*Babble Out* #1

If you're doing good to others because you know it'll come to you in an unexpected way! then, sadly.. you're still a mean person.