Everything wrong with our education system.

"Education is the most powerful weapon, we can use to change the world."
                                 -Nelson Mandela

True!! isn't it?? Education is the most powerful weapon one can use to conquer the world , education is the most powerful weapon when situations are wrong. But what if this education becomes the reason for all those wrong situations?? 

Let me make it more clear. It's like preparing people to fight in trouble.. but no body is teaching them how not to let a fight begin, how to spread mankind in trouble and in stressful situation. Fighting back is a great spirit yes it takes courage.. but brilliant are those who never let a situation reach too far that it can costs somebody's life.

From hate and murders to depression and sucides i am going to talk about everything that is wrong with our education system.

1. Poetries and great stories in syllabus but no learning in reality. 

So you all must have read those great poetries and stories with great lessons, that teacher used to give us in homework to learn and explain it in class next day. You know what the problem was ? Problem was that they focused on learning it, to prepare the question answers in exam. They were so focused about marks that they forgot the real motive of those chapters. There was a lesson behind every story ,there was an experience behind every poetry. But all that left neglected, because the motive was to gain marks. To get higher scores in marksheet. 

2. The result and prize distribution day.

You know what made the conditions worse? It was the prize distribution day. And even worse was the criteria of prize. The criteria was MARKS . And still is.
It doesn't matter how you got those marks as long as you are a student who scores 90% in every exam.
When other students see that the person with 90% marks is getting prizes and so much appreciation, and no word of appreciation is ever being called for them,
They never checked that if that topper even has some real and practical knowledge or not. Nope they neverrrr did!! Other students learned that they have to gain marks in any condition whether it's by cheating or just learning words and phrases, without knowing the real meaning of all that endless syllabus. It's still happening with every student. That's what every student is learning. There should be a reality check session for every student to see if any student is getting the practical knowledge.

3.The prayer time.

Now i can bet on it that this was the most hateful and boring time for every school student. Right?? 
Now suppose a situation. When something is wrong with us or one of our family member, we visit temples, churches, maszid for our mental peace, to ask our dear god for help . Do you feel bored at that time too???
 I am sure you don't. Why? Probably because that's the prayer coming out straight from your heart. But students in school are often found laughing, talking and doing random things during the prayer time. Because they don't know the value of it. 

I think before forcing them all for prayer, we should try teaching them the value of it and then instead of making it compulsory we should make it a matter of choice. We should let those students play who doesn't want to be a part of prayer. And then teachers and staff should pay silently extra attention to those students and their mentality and try handling them with care and love. And try to teach them the value of it. Because you all know that the hate for humanity and lack of faith in god is the reason why there are so many terrorists.

4.Physical activity/Game classes are often replaced with math and science classes.

We all know that how our math and science teacher used to take the time of our game period. By saying that " playing isn't important study is."
You all remember how they used to compare study with playing and other physical activities. And then we all are stressed about the increasing ratio of people suffering with sugar, blood pressure, abnormal fat, anxiety, depression,lack of positivity and various diseases.

My just one advice to all those math and science teachers out there who take the time of game period to complete their syllabus. If someone you know has some physical disease and if they're supposed to do some physical exercises, instead of that just give them math problems or teach them science and see if it works out. See if their physical disease is cured. 🙂 And if you think it is impossible then for god's sake plz let those students play in their game period or let them go in their physical activity classes. 

Because you can not compare these both things in reality then don't compare them in schools too.

5. The fake teachers.

There are some fake teachers in every school , who teaches nothing to students but just complete some formalities.
Teachers who just don't give a damn whether someone is listening to them or not . They just come, explain and left the class.

6. Offensive and extremely strict personalities in school staff.

You know what the worst thing besides all of those above mentioned things. The worst part are these teachers with extremely rude behaviour. They have no sympathy for students. Sometimes they even beats the shit out of the student with a stick or duster (that black board duster made with wood. Remember??) Why is there always a stick in hands of teacher when you think of an image.

7. Teacher with extreme partiality.

Now this is the most hated experience that can ever be in a student's life. There are always a teacher or maybe two who shows extreme partiality in every case. I wanna know how many of you were kicked out of those deserving opportunities??
Teachers like this should be banned from teaching, i must say. 

     Besides all this.. there are so many endless problems with our education system. These were the few of them. 80% or maybe 90% people never wanna go back im their school time. They want to spend that time with their friends again but don't want that school time to come back. Why??? Why is it that most of the people hate their school life. When they miss school they basically miss those friends and fun but not the school. Not the staff only one or two teachers.

Somebody has to think on it before it's too late. Oh wait.. it is too late already!! students are killing their teacher in classes . Students are bringing guns and pistols in classes they are full of hate. So it's already too late. We just have to do something to save the humanity.

 Don't you guys think that somewhere our education system is responsible for the increase in murders and suicide cases???


It's better to go back in time and live peacefully in forests than living with fear in big luxurious cities.

Thanks for reading plz do comment what you feel. And feel free to Share your ideas and views with me. Thanks ..may y'all have a wonderful life ahead. Coz whatever is happening either good or bad is just a phase not the whole life . ;) XOXO


  1. This is a very strong post and fully agree with you, the points covered here are very much logical, education system needs a reformation and the recruitment of teachers also.

    1. Thank you so much jyotirmoy it means a lot !! Keep reading 😊😊 have a good day ! 🌼


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