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Hello folks!! how are you doing? It's been awhile since i last posted anything here! 
Since so many days i am observing one thing which is constant in everybody's life is pessimism. So i finally feel like writing something. The kind of negativity and the change in aspects of people. Deep inside everybody is broken, whether it's because of their love life or their professional life i don't know why but deep down everybody is in a kind of depression.                            This is what competition has done to us. The day by day increasing level of competition the race to become the best,the fight to be on top, this struggle is throttling the relations. It's slowly suffocating people around us, that were once our everything.
Another very important point is whenever a person fails to reach their goal or can't  match their own expectation they blame their close ones for their losing. This is a human tendency coz yes most the people do not know how to keep or maintain a line between their professional life and their personal life.                  This is why you'll see very few people succeeding and even few, sharing their success with their family or loved ones.   Because most of the people just lose their closed ones during the process, they use their family as a place where they just blast out their frustration and tension.                You should know that you can't blame your family for your failure. They were always there for your support all they ever wanted was your time which you failed to give them so you can't blame them that they don't understand.          You can neither blame your family nor yourself unless it's a really big issue and you have proofs and evidences​ against some one or even if it's you.. first take time and collect evidences.. that what did you do to deserve this life where you are almost dead from inside.      Weak people blame either someone else or themself for the failure and spends the whole time in blaming people in their mind but strong people understand the situation, and overcome difficulties sincerely!  But weak minds keep thinking about murders and suicide.    The problem is somewhere in our education system and in our parenting skills. I will discuss that topic separately on my next blog. But motive of today's topic was just to tell people that life is a gift what happens between is just a phase not the whole life. Don't spoil your relations and your whole life just for that small thing that doesn't even matter. Some day Somebody said something to you .. forget it!! he/she is not god don't give so much importance to people who don't even have their own identity.         Be your own judge don't give this right to anyone else except GOD. Compete with others but don't lose your own identity. Fight with your family but don't blame them over things .. sit down and sought out things. Relations are not a tv that you use for years then you throw something on it in frustration, break it  and then replace it or sell it. Nooo my friend NO!! Every relation whether it's your partner (husband/wife) your friend, your father,mother your brother .. value it coz nobody is going to live forever.. you never know when you are losing somebody.  Respect and love everybody and yourself too. 😊


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