Our messed up "own self "

7 billion people in this world, desparately trying to make their own identity, but you know that only few are gonna succeed.  Different people, different cultures, different religions and moreover that people with different capabilities. 
While some people give their hundred percent in everything, some people are still trying to even give their 50%. 
"Some people don't some people can't." There is a difference.
But it's not just about the hardwork, it's about strategies and plans. Scheduled and well managed work. This is the reason why not everybody can become"FAMOUS".
Yes i also believe that luck is also a factor that really works. But luck after hard work that's what i completely believe. Sometimes our strategies and hard work is on point but still we fails not once not twice but again and again . Because the second thing that i believe is, we all destined for something special. So sometimes we try our luck in something that we feel like we are supposed to do but in reality there is something else better waiting for us . So this is also a reason why we fails in something again and again because maybe god is giving us a hint that there is something better waiting for you. Try your hard work and luck there.
How many people do you know that are working for their hobby or their passion not for money? All works for money. Passion becomes "passion" when people see chances of growing and becoming rich.  Have you ever seen somebody saying that my passion is to become a "Boot Polisher"??? Money,fame, luxury that is what everybody want.The lack in the desire of simplicity. Crowd demands show off. Big brands, expensive things and then showing them off. This is the reason why everybody is working so hard right? 
This is also the reason why in today's atmosphere it is even harder to become a successful person.  Because money comes first then comes passion. People are so messed up that even they don't know if they're working for money or fame or just for their passion. of course we need money to survive because We can't live without food and water . And not everybody has their family background so rich and strong that they can take risks for their future so they just go straight for the money. But rest of the crowd is literally a "crowd" because they're just rushing in! they have no idea what they actually want, it's making things harder for other people too. Because of course the competition is getting tough. 

 I wonder if some people (almost all of us) just sit on a couch and give themselves a little time and decide what they really want with their life , so it would be a lot easier not for them only but for other people too.


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