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Soul to soul connection

All we need in this life is that one person who can feel our pain. Who can appreciate our existence when nobody else does. Because we can not always be good to us. Sometimes our struggles and situation just makes us feel so low and down. But That person who believes in your power even when you don't have it, that one person who can make you realize that how precious your existence to this world is, called love. Because not everybody can does that. We meet so many people daily we make new friends, we share our stories, our thoughts, our pain and people try to make us feel better.. but not everybody can make you feel better and you know that... you can feel it when it happens to you.. when you suddenly starts feeling better.. magically because of that one person. It's soul to soul match and you can not deny this fact. And that's when you know that this person truly belongs to you.
You both uplift each other, show them their strength when they are broken into parts. Collect th…